Is Vainglory Crossplay?

Vainglory is a no-cost video game with in-game purchase created as a game published through Super Evil Megacorp for iOS, Android and PC. It is a variant of the MOBA in which two opposing teams of up to five or three players compete to defeat the other team by controlling the route between the bases. The path is surrounded by turrets and guarded by AI-controlled enemies creatures known as minions.

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Vainglory Crossplay

Yes you can, the Vainglory game can be played cross-platform after Vainglory 4.0. Players will be able to team up and play with their friends regardless of whether they play on desktops or mobile.

Did Vainglory close?

On April 1st, 2020 it was declared on April 1, 2020 that Rogue Games (formerly both temporary producer and publisher for the game) will no longer be able to develop Vainglory and was planning to end the game.

Can I still play Vainglory?

Rogue Games has decided to end the support of Vainglory and shut its servers outside of China, which ended this game quickly. SEMC has been working to take back control of the servers, and they have returned to normal with some significant adjustments.

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Will Vainglory ever be back?

Bazooka Tango has announced that they are working on a spinoff game set in the Vainglory universe dubbed Vainglory: Legion Of One. The studio intends to take this game to its origins with this new title. Vainglory is a well-loved multi-platform MOBA game.

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