how to get hidden ability pokemon sword

Do you know that you can acquire special powers in Pokemon Sword? These special powers are termed as Hidden Abilities. We will tell you how you can get these Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Sword.

Pokemon is a video game that has won millions of hearts with its diverse characters, and imaginative stories. The developers of the game kept introducing new features and Characters to make it more exciting.

You can get the Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Sword by trading, breeding, or using Ability Patch. To know more you have to read the article. 

What Is Pokemon Sword?

Pokemon Sword is a role-playing video game that was developed in 2019 by a Japanese video game developer company named Game Freak Inc. This game is part of the eighth generation of the world-famous video game series, Pokemon.

In Pokemon Sword, the players have to play the role of a character to catch Pokemon and defeat them with Pokemon balls. It is a multiplayer game and players can capture Pokemon with cooperative raids.

What Are the Hidden Abilities Of A Pokemon?

All the Pokemon possess different abilities that help them in their games by defeating others. There are some hidden abilities of a Pokemon that are very rare to find, but they are very powerful and strong against their enemies. 

Hidden abilities were introduced in the Fifth generation and can be found in all the other next generations. So basically hidden abilities of a Pokemon are the special powers or methods that add up to the performance in the game.

How Can I Get Hidden Ability In Pokemon Sword?

It is not that easy to get the Hidden Ability in Pokemon Sword as they are very rare. There are very less chances of getting Hidden abilities. There are only a few ways that you can use to get the Hidden Ability Pokemon in Pokemon Sword. But all the Hidden abilities of Pokemon can not be obtained by Max Raids.

  1. By Trading

If your friends or fellow players have Hidden Ability Pokemon, you can share it with others. You can easily exchange Pokemon but you need to make sure before receiving that you get what you were expecting. 

  1. By Breeding

Breeding is another way to get the hidden abilities In Pokemon Sword. Hidden abilities can be passed down to the Next Generations by breeding. So if you have a Male Pokemon then your New Pokemon will have the abilities of the Female partner Pokemon. 

  1. Cooperative Raids

You can get hidden abilities in Pokemon Sword by taking the help of your friends. You need to invite your friends to play together and do a Max battle Raid to capture Pokemon with Hidden Abilities. 

  1. Ability Patch

You can change the Pokemon’s normal ability to a hidden ability by using Ability Patch. You need to go to the Crown Tundra area located in a cave. It costs around 200 Dynite to get an ability patch and you have to raid in the Crown Tundra area only. The has to be the best and the fastest way to get Hidden Ability in Pokemon sword.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Pokemon Have The Hidden Abilities?

No, Not all Pokemon have the Hidden Abilities and there are methods to have a hidden ability.

What Is The Easiest Way To Get Hidden Ability?

One of the easiest ways to get a hidden ability in Pokemon Sword is by using an Ability Patch. 


This was all the information that you might need to know about the hidden abilities of a Pokemon and how you can get the Pokemon with Hidden Abilities. With this, we hope this article will be useful to you in capturing Hidden Abilities Pokemon.

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