How To Get High CP In Pokemon Go? 3 Effective Ways You Need To Know

Players are now looking for ever-stronger pokemon to improve their levels in Pokemon Go as the battles for gyms have become more intense. What is unique in ever-stronger pokemon? Ever-stronger pokemon means the pokemon that are higher in CP. You must also increase your Pokemon’s CP so it also inflicts more damage on opponents than ever. Here’s how you can do it.

To get the high CP in Pokemon Go, you must do this in three ways- Raids, Hatching Eggs, and Research Tasks.

Many players are already advanced their gaming skills, by taking this high CP in Pokemon Go. Now, it’s your time to face competition with these players. For this, you need to know how to get high CP for Pokemon Go which is well-explained in this article.

How To Get High CP In Pokemon Go?

To get a High CP in Pokemon Go, there are three excellent methods. Those three methods are as follows.

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Way 1: Hatching Eggs

The hatching egg is considered the best and easiest way to get high CP in Pokemon Go which you can use at the start of the game. This is because hatched pokemon have higher CP than the pokemon found in the wild. So, if you want a high CP then you should consider this option first.

Way 2: Research Task

Research tasks are also a very important part of pokemon go. By completing these tasks, players have added many pokemon with high CP to their collection. After encountering many pokemon in Research Tasks, the CP of those pokemon automatically becomes very high which is a plus point for you. Because if you want your CP high, then you should not miss a chance a capture these pokemon. The CP of these pokemon is also higher than those of pokemon found in the wild.

Way 3: Raids

Yes, Raid bosses typically have higher CP than their equivalent in the wild. Therefore, if you succeed in taking down and capturing raid bosses in raids, you will probably be impressed by the stats they have. Then, Raids can also be a great way to high your CP.

Importance Of High CP Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

Some Pokemon have little CP and are not very good in battles while others who have high CP are perfect for combat. Each pokemon’s CP has a limit that it cannot exceed, even though you can boost it after leveling up. Therefore, getting high CP pokemon is always preferred.

How Can You Increase The CP OF Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

The CP of any pokemon depends upon its trainer level. Leveling up your Pokemon’s CP. You are more likely to run into pokemon with low CP if your trainer level is low. 

In short, encountering pokemon with high CP is significantly influenced by your trainer level. You must raise your trainer level if you wish to possess a pokemon with high CP.

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Trainer level can increase your chances of getting high CP in pokemon go. If you have already attained a high trainer level and are still not coming across high CP pokemon, then you have also 3 beneficial ways to get the high CP pokemon. Use these ways to quickly add high CP pokemon to your list and get ready to compete in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pokemon go has the greatest level of CP in 2022?

As of April 2022, Mega Gyrados has 5332 CP, which is the highest CP in Pokemon Go. Due to its extremely high attack stats, the Water and dark-type pokemon is a fantastic choice for reducing the health of opposing pokemon in combat.

At what level can you find pokemon with 3000 CP?

At trainer level 30 or above, it has respectable IVs, you can get up to 3000 CP.

What pokemon go character has the lowest CP?

Feebas has the lowest maximum CP in Pokemon Go at the time. It has up to 310 max CP at level 50.

What pokemon go raid has the highest CP?

Reshiram is a raid boss who will require a minimum of three trainers to defeat. Its maximum CP is 53394, and its attack and defensive ratings are 229 and 178 respectively.

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