How To Get Kanto Gold Medal Pokemon Go 2022?

Beginners in Pokemon Go often don’t realize how they can get medals and how they are useful, especially to complete the special research task which gets you a mythical Pokemon you were longing for. If you have finally heard of something like this, let us learn the right way to get Kanto Gold Medal in Pokemon Go, shall we?

To get Kanto Gold Medal in Pokemon Go, you must have 100 Pokemon from the Kanto region registered to your Pokedex, this is the only condition. To collect all these 100 Pokemon quickly, you can battle with Team Go Rocket, take part in several events, and complete as many research tasks as you can. To understand this better, keep reading and make things easier for yourself. 

Pokemon Go contains several rewards as a result of accomplishing certain raids, events, and research tasks in the game. One such thing is the Gold Medal. A Gold Medal is quite important in Pokemon Go and is related to all of the six regions present in the game. Through such medals, you are able to unlock a lot of exciting awards as well as get bonuses in Pokemon Go, which is a great deal, right?

If you are willing to get a Kanto Gold Medal in Pokemon Go, here you will know how to make that possible in the least possible time, here we go, then. 

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How To Get Kanto Gold Medal Pokemon Go?

Receiving the medals in Pokemon Go is of great use because these medals help us get a lot of rewards and bonuses in Pokemon Go. So today, we are here to know how to get Kanto Gold Medal Pokemon Go. 

The thing is simple yet time-consuming, to get a Kanto Gold Medal in Pokemon Go, all you have to do is find about 100 different kinds of Pokemon from the Kanto region and register all of them in your Pokedex. 

Catching 100 Pokemon seems like it would take a lot of weeks, but if you are going the right way, it won’t be like that. 

Here are a few things that you can do if you want to quickly collect all the 100 Pokemon from the Kanto region in much less time. 

1. By Participating In The Events

One of the best things you can do is to take part in whichever event you find in the game. There are a lot of events that keep occurring in Pokemon Go and you have to make sure that you do not skip any of them as a result of this, you will get a chance to catch a lot of Pokemon from the Kanto region as well as other regions. 

When you keep performing in the events, you will see how easily you will be obtaining a large number of Pokemon through them, some of which will also be from the Kanto region. 

2. Battle More With Team Go Rocket

If you often battle with Team GO Rocket, you must have realized that after beating them, every time you receive quite a rare Pokemon to catch. Thus, while you can find the common Pokemon lurking all around in your surroundings, the scarce ones will only be obtained when you battle with Team Go Rocket, so battle with them as frequently as possible. 

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3. By Completing Research Tasks

There are a lot of research tasks brought about in the game where you can take part and when you accomplish these tasks, you receive a lot of things in the form of rewards. Among these rewards, you are also given encounters with some amazing Pokemon in the game, so you can take advantage of these and pick as many research tasks as you can to collect the maximum Pokemon possible in the least time. 

Wrap Up

If you work hard on all these methods for collecting Pokemon, it will not take a lot of time before you would have gotten all the 100 Kanto region Pokemon in the game for which you can receive the Gold Medal. While you are catching the Kanto Pokemon, do not ignore the ones from the other regions because they are also going to be of great use to you to obtain the Gold Medals from the other five regions. 

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