How To Get Lopunny Mega Energy 2022

Hey, have you seen the power-packed Mega Lopunny tearing teams apart with its Punch in Pokemon Go? Then why are you not evolving your Lopunny to its mega form? Oh! We guess you are having trouble finding out how to get Lopunny mega energy, is that so? 

To get Lopunny Mega Energy in Pokemon Go, which means a total of 200 mega points, for which you can take part in Mega Raids and defeat Lopunny, or accomplish the spring-themed collection challenge, as a result of which you will be rewarded with the Mega Lopunny Energy. There are also other ways to collect your Lopunny Mega Energy, which we shall discuss right below. 

Pokemon Go is a game that a lot of people have a craze for, especially the ones who have grown up watching Pokemon. There are a lot of Pokemon that one can collect from their original geographical location and battle them being their trainer. As you catch a Pokemon, you can also evolve it to its mega form through the energy points. 

Let us get you straight through this how you will be able to collect the Lopunny Mega Energy that will later help you evolve your Lopunny into a mega one. 

How To Get Lopunny Mega Energy In Pokemon Go?

Mega evolutions have been an important part of the game Pokemon Go. This very feature lets the players evolve their Pokemon into mega forms with the help of some mega energy points to collect which there are several methods. 

You must be aware of the thing that every Pokemon requires its own unique mega energy to be evolved. So, if you are looking forward to evolving Lopunny in Pokemon Go, you will have to collect Lopunny Mega Energy. 

The possible methods in which you can collect Lopunny Mega Energy are mentioned here: 

1. Defeat other Mega-evolved Lopunny In the Raids.

2. Walk with your current Lopunny Pokemon in the game. 

3. Complete the research tasks that reward you with Lopunny Mega energy. 

These are the only three methods in which you can collect Lopunny mega energy, also, if you want to evolve any other Pokemon into mega form, the methods will remain the same except that in place of Lopunny you will have to complete those tasks with reference to the Pokemon you wish to evolve. 

The best method to go for collecting Lopunny Mega energy points is by completing the assigned research tasks because in this case, you will neither have to take part in those tough raids nor you will require a previously evolved Lopunny to walk with. 

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How To Get Lopunny Mega Energy In Raids?

The most preferable method to obtain some Lopunny Mega energy points in Pokemon Go is to take part in the battle raids. 

Since you need Lopunny Mega energy, you will have to defeat an already evolved mega Lopunny in the battle raids in the game. As you defeat one, you will be able to win from 50 to 90 mega energy points per battle. 

How To Get Lopunny Mega Energy By Walking?

If you find the raids a tough thing and need an easier method to collect Lopunny mega energy, then here is one. You can just walk with the Lopunny you have with you, the only condition is that your Lopunny must have evolved into their mega form previously, isn’t that simple. 

How To Get Lopunny Mega Energy From Research Tasks?

One last method involves taking up some research tasks that have been assigned to you and are still incomplete. Look for the incomplete research tasks in the game available for you and complete the ones that will reward you with Lopunny mega energy points as soon as you complete them. 

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How To Get Mega Lopunny In Pokemon Go?

If you want to get Mega Lopunny in Pokemon Go, you will have to first collect 200 mega energy points using the methods we have already provided you with. 

Once you own the required number of Mega Lopunny energy and also have the general form of Lopunny Pokemon, you just have to click your Lopunny that you wish to evolve and you will be on the profile page of the Lopunny. 

There you will be mentioned how much energy is required to evolve your Lopunny, the amount of which is 200 Mega Energy units. 

After making sure that you have the required mega energy points, you have to click on a big pink-colored Mega Evolve button and your Lopunny will be evolved into Mega Lopunny right at that moment. Remember that this will not happen unless you have enough energy required for evolution. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that now you are completely aware of how to get Lopunny mega energy in Pokemon Go. So, go and collect the energy and quickly evolve your Lopunny into its Meta version.

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