How To Use Memory Stone Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a huge open-world game with a lot of tasks, characters, bosses, and important elements or items the player can equip. These special items or key items can be used for various purposes, from unlocking some important areas to using them for advancing in the game. They can be ashes, recipe books, spells, and many more.

Memory stones are some important key items in Elden Ring that help in increasing the number of memory slots. This will help you memorize more spells than you can and this could be very beneficial during fights with the bosses. The player would be able to overcome various dangers with increased memory slots and memorizing enough spells which are only possible by equipping memory stones.

The player doesn’t need to perform any special technique to use these memory stones. Just acquire them from their locations and the player’s memory slots will automatically increase.

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How To Use Memory Stone in Elden Ring?

To understand the use of memory stones in Elden Ring, you must be aware of what are Memory Slots in the game.

The Memory Slots in Elden Ring are what controls the number of spells the player can wield. The more memory slots, the more spells you can have and the more help they will provide during boss combats.

Thus, the players are always looking for a way to increase these memory slots, and the best ways to increase the memory slots are the memory stones. They are required to enhance the number of sorceries and incantations equipped by the players.

But these Memory Stones are not easily available and the player needs to look for them around the open world of Elden Ring and obtain them.

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Once the player obtains the memory stones, it will increase the memory slots without any more hard work and increase the player’s capacity to hold the spells. These memory stones are found in different Rises inside chests, can be dropped after defeating a boss, and can even be bought from a non-playing character. 

There are about eight locations from where you can obtain these memory stones. You don’t need to perform any special tasks to use a memory stone as just acquiring a memory stone will increase the memory slot. So you can reach there and get these important items and increase your memory slots to win this game. 

How To Use Memory Stone Elden Ring- FAQs

How many memory stones can you have Elden Ring?

You can possess up to eight memory stones and these are found in eight different locations. They are Oridys’s Rise, Roundtable Hold, Converted Tower, Testu’s Rise, Raya Lucaria Academy, Seluvis’s Rise, Lenne’s Rise in Caelid, and Mt. Gelmir. 

How do you seek three wise beasts?

Three wise beasts are the puzzles the player must solve in the process of acquiring a memory stone. There are three towers in Elden Ring’s open world that have memory stones and outside those towers are these puzzles. It isn’t as complicated as it seems, the player just needs to look for three blue glowing turtles and kill them. That’s it. 

How many Memory Slots can you have Elden Ring?

The player will have 2 memory slots with the initiation of the game. Collecting memory stones will increase the player’s memory slots by 1 and we know that there are 8 memory stones available. Obtaining a Talisman, Moon of Nokstella increases the player’s memory slot by 2. Collectively, 2 memory slots from the beginning, 8 memory stones, and 2 by Moon of Nokstella lead to the player possessing 12 memory slots.

Wrap Up

Memory Stones can lead you to the final win and thus are very important. We provided you with information regarding these memory stones, how can you use them, their functions, and the locations where you can obtain them. The memory stones will help the players increase their memory slots to retain a number of spells. Go through their locations and get these memory stones to progress further in the game. 

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