How To Get Maki Roll Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game where players have a wealth of activities to participate in, from cultivating crops to befriending the peculiar residents living in Pelican Town. One interesting feature of the game is that you must complete bundles at the Community Center, and one specifically requires a special dish – Maki Roll. The recipe of the Maki Roll will be explored in detail through this guide, as its origins and availability from different sources and the ways it can be used throughout the game.

How To Unlock the Maki Roll Recipe

The process of creating a great Maki Roll begins with acquiring its recipe. Players have two options for acquiring this culinary gem:

The Queen of Sauce: On the 21st Day of Summer – Year, one can tune in to the lthe last channel on any television set. The Queen of Sauce will air the Maki Roll recipe, adding to your skill set in cooking.

Stardrop Saloon Purchase: Instead, at the Stardrop Saloon, players can sell 300g for the Maki Roll recipe. As opposed to the time-based nature of The Queen of Sauce, this option can be applied every season, allowing a less stringent approach regarding obtaining that recipe.

Ingredients for Crafting a Maki Roll:

Once armed with the coveted Maki Roll recipe, players will need the following ingredients to whip up this delectable dish in their kitchen:

1x Any Fish

1x Seaweed

1x Rice

Finding Maki Rolls in Stardew Valley:

For those eager to savour the Maki Roll without the hassle of cooking, various in-game locations offer opportunities to acquire this culinary delight:

Krobus’ Shop (Randomly on Saturdays): Unlock Krobus’ Shop via Sewers; Maki Rolls may be available here at random on Saturday.

Stardrop Saloon (Dish of the Day): Pay close attention to the Daily Specials posted at Stardrop Saloon because Maki Roll sometimes might be available as a dish.

Garbage Can Outside Stardrop Saloon: For a chance that one will find Maki Rolls, look in the trashcan on the right side of Stardrop Saloon.

Mail from Linus: Sometimes, Linus will mail a random package, and Maki Rolls could be one of the joyful surprises.

Utilizing Maki Rolls in Stardew Valley:

With the Maki Roll serving multiple purposes besides appeasing your hunger in-game, we can conclude that it is a pretty convenient culinary creation. Here’s how you can make the most of this delectable dish:

Chef’s Bundle in the Community Center: Save at least one Maki Roll to make the Chef’s Bundle available on the Bulletin Board for the Community Center.

Crafting a Dark-Gray Shirt: Combine 1x Maki Roll and 1x Cloth to make an attractive dark grey shirt using a sewing machine.

Gifting to Villagers: Villagers rejoice with Maki Roll’s delight. Pelican Town’s residents enjoy this mouth-watering dish except Willy, Krobus Leo, Emily and Evelyn.

Selling for Profit: If you need extra money, try Maki Rolls; they sell well and make a fine profit anywhere from 100g to 334.5 g when seasoned with Qi Seasoning.


Gaining the skill of Maki Rolls in Stardew Valley brings a delicious touch to gaming. From revealing the recipe to using different resources, players can improve their cooking in-game and have a complete farming simulator experience. You go on this culinary journey, enjoy the Maki Roll, and let its gastronomic influences enhance your Stardew Valley experience.

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