How To Get Marshadow In Pokemon Sword?

Obtaining some of the most unique Pokemon is quite satisfactory and what would be a better choice than a Marshadow? We guess you are already trying your best to find out how to get Marshadow in Pokemon Sword. If you are still stuck on this, we are more than happy to help you out. 

There are several Pokemon available in the game Pokemon Sword that you will have quite a hard time catching, however, if you follow the right approach, no one can stop you from owning the species you want to have, the same is the case with a Marshadow. 

To get Marshadow in Pokemon Sword, you need to have this Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sun and Moon from where you will transfer it to Pokemon Bank, then, via Pokemon Home, you can get your Marshadow shifted to Pokemon Sword. For this, you will require to have the Pokemon Bank premium subscription. 

We think this much information is not enough for you to go through the entire process of getting a Marshadow in Pokemon Sword, so, if you want further explanation on this, we suggest you keep reading and find out. 

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How To Get Marshadow In Pokemon Sword?

Marshadow is a Pokemon that has quite a unique typing in Pokemon Sword and Shield, this species belongs to Fighting and Ghost Type. This one is an extremely adorable Pokemon and is strong too. 

Some players often underestimate Marshadow because of its appearance, but it does really well in a battle and the opponents find it really hard to beat this Pokemon due to its blazing speed and impressive base stats. That is the reason the players who know this Pokemon better want to have it no matter what. 

There is only one way to get a Marshadow in Pokemon Sword which is by transferring it from the game Pokemon Sun and Moon. 

If you have the Mystery Gift in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you can connect to the event where you will be given a chance to catch a Marshadow after inputting their code. The Marshadow will be received via the deliveryman that will come to you in one of the Pokemon Centers of Alola.  

Now, the next thing that you must be having is Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Home. You can get Pokemon Home for free while getting Pokemon Bank will charge you $5 for a year. However, if you want to have access to all the content which is in the premium plan of Pokemon Home, you will require to purchase the $16 per year plan. 

Only after having a premium membership, you will be able to move your Pokemon from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home. also, you can store up to 6000 Pokemon with this premium plan. 

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So, once you have this, first you need to transfer your Marshadw into Pokemon Bank. Then use Switch to access Pokemon Home and place the Marshadow from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home and then you will easily be able to move this Pokemon from Pokemon Home to directly Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

But, remember that Marshadow will not be able to turn its Spectral Thief move into Soul Stealing 7 Star Strike in Pokemon Sword and Shield because this game doesn’t have Z-Moves. 

If you didn’t get your Marshadow in the Sun&Moon Marshadow event at the right time, there is not any other possible way for now in which you can possess this Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so, you will just need to wait for a similar event to arrive again or Marshadow to appear openly in the game so that you get your chance to catch this rare species and transfer it to Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

Who knows that you will soon start finding Marshadow in the wild in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you will not need to go through the time-consuming transfer process and you will be able to catch this Mythical Pokemon directly. 

Wrap Up

That was all for now, this is the only possible way in which you can possess a Marshadow in Pokemon Sword. We know the process is a bit long, but, don’t worry, as soon as Marshadow is directly made available to catch in Pokemon Sword, we shall let you know right away.

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