How To Get Witch Brew Slap Battles?

Slap Battles is an excellent choice for those who want some humor-type fun in their video game. Yes, it is funny that this game is all about slapping other users using a different variety of gloves. Many people still need to be made aware of this game due to which this is not so popular yet. Now, if you are planning to play Slap Battles, you must be familiar with how to get witch brew slap battles.

You will get a Witch Brew from the 5 potions spawned by a witch glove, and one of those 5 potions is a Witch Brew. Once you get the witch brew you have to drink it and you will get a badge.

These types of games are very few in the market, so you should definitely try this game once we know that everybody loves to battle with their friends in a slapping way. Right? So, go and get this game for yourself. We are here to give to all the necessary details of the Slap battle and getting of Witch Brew. 

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Slap Battles

Slap Battles is a game created by Tencelll on Roblox. The Slap Battles Wiki was made on September 26, 2021. The game is all about slapping other users using a different variety of Gloves. The more you slap, the more Gloves you get in your showcase. There are badges too, you can acquire some badges in order to get different Gloves with different abilities.

There are a total of 108 Gloves, of which 87 are main game Gloves and the leftover 21 are rare or exclusive Gloves. So you are probably thinking of the chaos that is happening on slap royale for the “Witch Brew” Badge.

How to get Witch brew slap battles?

In this article, I will show how to get the “Witch’s Brew” badge for slap royale in Slap Battles. The first thing you need to do is to teleport to slap royale in slap battles, it takes 1000 slaps to enter slap royale. Now, wait for the round to start and select the Glove you are best with.

You need a player with a Witch Glove so that he can spawn potions. Suppose you don’t have a friend who has a Witch Glove. Find someone in the slap royale who has a “Witch Glove”. 

Once the match starts, land next to the user with a Witch Glove and ask them to use their Witch Gloves ability to spawn “Witch’s Brew”. Go to the secret spot so no one can steal the Witch Brew, now the Witch Glove ability can spawn potions, there are 5 types of potions and one is Witch’s Brew. 

First is Witch Brew: the potion that poisons you to death and gives you the badge. The second is Strength Brew: the potion that gives you +5 power. The third is Frog Brew: the potion that gives you a +5 jump. Fourth is Speed Brew: the potion that gives you +1 speed. Fifth is Heal Brew: the potion that gives you +10 HP. Witch Glove users can drop the potions by pressing backspace. Once you drink Witch Brew, you will get the badge. The badge awards you the “Witch Glove”. Now you can help other players to find “Witch Brew”

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All you need to do to get the Witch Brew in Slap Battles and enjoy the game by slapping your mates. This whole method looks a little bit difficult but not that much. Trust us! You will have fun as soon as you start doing this. Out of all the steps, checking potion can be a bit tough, so just little careful in that step.

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