How To Play Ghost In The Graveyard?

Have you thought of stepping out of your video games and playing something in the field? Then, Ghost in the Graveyard will be the best option for your, but, do you know how to play Ghost in the Graveyard? If not, we are going to let you know all the rules and procedures for this interesting game to play with your friends. 

Video games are getting more and more popular with each passing day and people have forgotten some amazing games that are played in the physical world. No matter how good a video game is, games hit differently when you play them with your friends outside of the digital world. 

To play Ghost in the Graveyard, you need to get a group of friends, at least three, however, the more the better. Then designate a place where you are going to play. make sure you have specified the boundaries. Choose a player to be the ghost, who will hide somewhere within the playing field while the other players start counting. Then you all set out to search for the ghost. If the ghost tags a player, the caught player has to be the new ghost, and if he doesn’t, the last player to reach the home base becomes the new ghost. 

If you are still confused and want to know about playing this game in detail, we are here to let you know everything you need regarding Ghost in the Graveyard. 

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How To Play Ghost In The Graveyard?

There are some requisites that you need to consider as you choose Ghost in the Graveyard to play. Let us discuss all of it right here. 

1. Get Some Friends To Play

The first thing that you need to play Ghost in the Graveyard is some friends whom you can play with. There isn’t any limit to how many players should play this game together at max, but, you must have at least three players in total for this game. Remember that the more players, the more fun in this game. 

2. Find A Suitable Place For The Game

The next thing that is mandatory for this game is a specific area where you are going to play the game. Create a boundary for which you can pick streets, houses, or neighborhoods. 

Also, pick a space where you will make your home base. This will be the place where all the players can come after finding the ghost. You can choose any small park, a large tree, or a small bridge for this.

Every player must remember the boundaries and make sure that they do not go beyond the designated field or else they will be eliminated from the round. 

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3. Decide The Ghost

Now, you need a ghost for this game, which you will choose from one of the players. This selection can be done either by rock, paper, scissors, or by any other kind of game. You can also just do this by simply asking for a volunteer. 

4. Start Your First Round Of The Game

Once the ghost is decided, you can begin your round. Now, the ghost has to run off to hide somewhere while the other players are still standing at the home base.

The ghost has to make sure he hides somewhere away from the home base and he is not supposed to hide somewhere inside. 

5. Start Counting

While the ghost has run for hiding, all the other players need to start counting slowly from One O’ clock to Twelve O’Clock. Once the counting is done, shout “Midnight! I hope I don’t see the ghost tonight!” 

The amount of time you have to spend on counting entirely depends upon the vastness of the area. If you think that the ghost will need quite a lot of time to find a place of time, increase your duration of counting. 

6. Time To Search For The Ghost

Now is the time for all the players to step out of their home base and start looking for the ghost. Remember that the ghost’s task is to suddenly jump out and tag the player he finds. So, you need to be very attentive.

Every time a player encounters a ghost, they should shout “Ghost in the graveyard” while trying to run away before the ghost catches them. 

In case the ghost catches someone, the caught player will become the new ghost and the new round begins from there. 

However, in case the ghost doesn’t succeed in catching any of the players and all the players reach the home base, the last person to reach there will be the next ghost for the new round. 

Wrap Up

We know that you have found this game really interesting and you are going to love to play it throughout the day. Make sure that you bring a lot of friends for this game because that is how you will add more fun to the game and the round will also last for a longer time. Choose your playing field wisely so that finding the ghost and players is not too easy. 

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