Is nickelodeon brawl stars crossplay?

A Console game, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl has been developed by Ludosity and Fair Play Labs and published by Game Mill Entertainment in 2021. It is a game from the Nickelodeon Super Brawl series. Because of its amazing cartoon characters as well as its graphics, this game attracts many people and everybody enjoys playing this game.

It is an online fighting game that is becoming very popular nowadays. And everybody wants to know whether this game is cross-platform or not.

This game is multiplayer but as of now, Nick All-Star Brawl is currently not a cross-platform game. Many requests are made by players to make this game a cross-platform game. 

During a recent interview, art director Diego Hernandez discussed some requested features as well as a special announcement regarding this game. What is that announcement? Which news updates are coming in this game? To get answers to all the questions that are running on your mind regarding this game, let’s read the full article- 

Is Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Cross-play?

What is cross-platform?

Before reading the full article, we need to understand what cross-platform is? In gaming, cross-platform means you can easily play and communicate with your friends having different devices on different gaming platforms.

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Is Nick All-Star Brawl Cross-play for PS4 and Xbox?

“No”. This game doesn’t provide us with a cross-platform. We cannot cross-play this game for PS4 and Xbox. Similarly, with the other consoles and PC. If we want to play this game with someone on PC then the other person also has to play this game on PC (same platform). You and your friend need to play on the same device.

Platforms that support Nick All-Star Brawl

The list of platforms that supports Nick’s All-Star brawl

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation4
  • PlayStation5
  • Xbox Series

Will this game become Cross-Play?

The answer is “YES”. You all will be very happy to know that Diego Hernandez has announced that some special updates will be entering the game this year (2022). One of the updates will be Cross-Play. 

You will play this game on Cross-Platforms. The new feature will allow All-Star Brawl gamers to face their friends on any of the above-mentioned platforms, regardless of whether or not they are both using the same type of device. 

When will All-Star Brawl be Cross-Platform?

The date is not yet to be sure but the game will be cross-played this year. Now it depends upon the game developers when they will bring it. But it is completely confirmed that this year All-Star Brawl supports cross-platform.

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In the era of multiplayer and cross-platform gaming, we are also going to get the All-Star Brawl game as a cross-platform game very soon. Except for Cross-Platform some more updates i.e. Voice Acting and the free DLC characters will also be introduced in this game this year. This game is available on all consoles and PC.

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