Best 2022 Call Of Duty M16 Loadout Warzone

In Call of Duty, after being incorporated with Black Ops Cold War, the collection of Warzone weapons has drastically grown to be large with the addition of all of Black Ops Cold War’s most important weapons including pistols, and launchers, making the most important weapon arsenal ever.

One of the brand-new additions to Warzone‘s guns is the M16 tactical rifle. This is a 3-burst weapon that may be deadly even in long-distance encounters.

As per our research, the best Call of Duty M16 Loadout Warzone includes Agency Silencer Muzzle, 15.9 “Strike Team Barrel, Axial Arm 3x Optic, Salvo 60 RND Fast Mag Ammunition, and Bruiser Grip Underbarrel.

In this article, you will be able to find in detail the best attachments for M16 to use in Warzone. This Loadout for M16 is considered the perfect and ultimate loadout by every gamer.

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Best Call Of Duty M16 Loadout Warzone 2022

Because of the incredible damage range, low recoil level, and unlimited customization, the M16 tactical rifle is rapidly gaining popularity. Now it doesn’t matter whether it’s short or long distance, M16 is a love for me too.

As there are plenty of attachments available for M16, how do I decide which attachments are the perfect fit for Warzone?

Well, there’s no need to ponder over this. We have managed to bring the best M16 attachments for you.

Best M16 Warzone Loadout

Muzzle – Agency Silencer

Equip an Agency silencer as a suppressor for M16 in Warzone. It will help provide sound suppression but also in improving damage range.

Barrel – 15.9 “Strike Team

This barrel, no doubt, improves damage. Not only this, it has two bursts, one removes armor, and a second burst removes armor regardless of range.

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Optic – Axial arm 3x

Talking about the M16, it has a lot of scope options to choose from, but we recommend choosing Axial Arms 3x. Why? Because of Axial Arms 3X, it becomes easier to clearly see enemies who try to pull you away from a distance to take advantage of the additional damage range.

Ammunition – Salvo 60 RND Fast Mag

This attachment is available for NATO weapons and it should be used with M16 as it functions as a Fast mag and Extended mag. But it cuts ADS ( Aim Down Sight ).

Underbarrel – Bruiser grip

Bruiser grip is always a recommended attachment to use with M16 for hip-fire accuracy. It gives movement speed a slight boost and an increase in melee swing speeds. 


If you choose this combination of attachments, you will definitely find amazing results as it will help you easily control M16 in short-range scenarios. Also, it will greatly improve maneuverability. 

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