How To Get Monkey Safari Hat Roblox 2022

The Monkey safari hat is unique in itself because of several customizations available for the Roblox avatars. So, do you also want to know how to get Monkey safari Hat Roblox? Here we go then. 

Roblox is a popular platform for developing some exciting games of your own. The best part about Roblox is that you can customize the avatars using several items available in the store. One of the amazing things that you can add to your Roblox avatar is this cool Monkey Safari Hat where a monkey will keep clinging to your hat all along. 

How to get Monkey Safari Hat Roblox? Answer: You can either redeem it from the store if you have an Amazon-branded tablet, or you can use the User-Agent Switcher extension on Chrome and install Android Kit Kat. Then you can go to Roblox and get your Monkey Safari Hat for free. 

We guess this much was not enough for you to understand how exactly you can get your Monkey Safari Hat, so, we will just move ahead with a further explanation to make it easy for the things to work out for you. 

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How To Get Monkey Safari Hat Roblox? 

If you are an Amazon user, which means you have an Amazon account as well as an Amazon device, then you can get the Monkey Safari Hat from the Roblox Avatar shop directly. 

All you need to do is head to the Roblox Avatar Shop on your Amazon device with your account logged in and look for the Monkey Safari Hat and click on the Get button over there. The Monkey Safari Hat will be yours. 

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How To Get Monkey Safari Hat Roblox For Free Without Amazon?

However, if not, then there is a way in which you still can obtain this item for free. Although the method we are going to explain is not official in any way, it usually works. 

First, you will need to instal an extension named “User-Agent Switcher” on your computer’s Chrome browser. Open the extension and choose Android Kit Kat. Once you are done with this, here are the steps that you will need to follow:

1. Open Roblox on your device andsearch for the Monkey Safari Hat. 

2. Then open a new tab and head to Roblox there as well, and find any free item which you are not owning at present. 

3. Now you have two tabs open alongside one with the Monkey Safari hat and the other with any free item you don’t own. Right click both the items and click on the Get button. 

4. Select the “Inspect” option then. 

5. Now, copy three items: Data-Item ID, Data Product ID and Data Expected Id from your Monkey Safari Hat and put it to the Free item you chose. 

6. As you change the IDs of the Free item with the Mobkey Safari hat, just click on Get and the Monkey Safari hat will be unlocked for you. 

To make it easier for you, here are the IDs for the Monkey Safari Hat that you need to copy:

1. Data Item ID: 6958771908

2. Data Product ID: 1196367350

3. Data Expected Price: 0

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Wrap Up

These were the only possible ways on how to get Monkey Safari Hat Roblox for yourself. So, whether or not you are on Amazon, it does not matter at all unless you don’t have our guide to the right procedure to get what you really want to have. 

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