How To Make Skyrim Fullscreen 2023 | Skyrim Fullscreen Error

Don’t you think there is no fun playing a game unless it is displayed on full screen on your device? The same goes for Skyrim, but recently we encountered trouble doing that. So, if you are also going through the same issue, here you will find out how to make Skyrim fullscreen.

To make Skyrim fullscreen in 2023, you will have to perform some troubleshooting steps that include checking if you own the latest video card version and your windows should also be fully updated. In the case of a laptop, you must be using the right graphics card so that you don’t face FPS limit in Skyrim. But, how to check all these things? Don’t worry, we are here for this, so you will get all your answers.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a popular role-playing action video game that you can play from the first as well as third person’s perspective and move around in Skyrim’s lands. There is so much to explore in the game and the visuals of Skyrim are also too good and can be enjoyed only when it is played in fullscreen.

Now, we shall discuss in detail how to make Skyrim fullscreen so you can have the best experience of this game when you play it, making the action like it is real. 

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How To Make Skyrim Fullscreen? 

Usually, it is easy to play Skyrim in Full Screen, however, issues can arise sometimes causing trouble while entering the full screen. 

There can be certain factors that might be stopping you from making Skyrim fullscreen. These factors include: not having the latest version of video card drivers, your Windows not being fully updated, or not using your dedicated graphics card in case of using laptop. 

Whatever might be the case there is always a solution, so, let us check how you can resolve the problem of not being able to play Skyrim in Fullscreen. 

There are three things that you can try to make Skyrim Fullscreen. 

1. Check The Video Card Drivers

Make sure that you are currently using the latest version of the video card drivers on your device for playing Skyrim. You can do this on NVIDIA or AMD websites. 

Here are the steps for checking and updating the version of your video card drives on NVIDIA. 

1. Open the control panel of NVIDIA and click on the “Manage 3D Settings” option. 

2. Now head to the Program Settings tab and click on Skyrim as the program you want to customize. 

3. If the power management mode is set to “Adaptive” then switch it to “Prefer Maximum 


4. Then click on the Apply button to confirm the changes you made. 

To check and update the video card drive version on AMD, you need to follow the step mentioned below. 

1. First, give a right click on your desktop. 

2. Now, click on the Catalyst Control Center option. 

3. Go to the POWER drop-down menu and click on the “Switchable Graphics” option. 

4. Now, from the list that will appear, click on SkyrimLauncher.exe and TESV.exe. 

5. Then, click on the Browse button. Navigate through it to find the right directory. 

6. Then click on the High-Performance option that will choose the specific card. 

2. Update Windows

The second thing that you need to check is if your Windows is fully updated or if there is any update pending. If there is, then immediately update it and then try playing Skyrim on full screen. 

3. Check Graphics Card (Laptop)

If you are playing Skyrim on your Laptop and the issue is arising there, then you should check if you are really using the dedicated graphics card for playing the game or not. 

Sometimes it is your integrated card that is being used for running the game, if that is the case, you will have to change the settings. 

How To Exit Skyrim Full Screen?

If you do not want to play Skyrim on full screen anymore, then there is a shortcut to exit the full-screen mode in the game. 

For this, you just have to press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys altogether on your keyboard which will open the Task Manager, and you will be able to get out of the full screen in the game. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that you now know how to make Skyrim fullscreen. If you ever face this issue, you can go for the methods that we mentioned here and resolve it easily. Share this with your friends if you think they might also have to go through the same trouble while playing Skyrim someday.

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