How To Get More Memory Slots Elden Ring?

Magical Spells play a great role in Elden Ring and these make the game unique and more interesting to play. Memory Slots is exactly what the name tells you. The Memory Slots stats are the representation of the available slots to memorize a spell for sorceries and incantations. The more Memory Slots, the more spells a player can possess, and the better for game performance. 

Memory Slots’ number can be increased with the amount of Memory Stones the player equips. If the player wishes to get more Memory Slots, they must look for the Memory Stones from the places they are located and acquire them. Collect all the Memory Stones and your ability to retain the spells will increase. 

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How To Get More Memory Slots Elden Ring?

In the game Elden Ring, the player’s spell-casting capacity is determined by their Memory Slots Stat. Spells hold great importance in the gameplay as they are helpful during combat with the bosses and more.

Due to an increase in their spell retaining and casting capacity, the players are benefited in those brutal, dangerous situations. There are also some spells that take more than one Memory Slot to memorize, thus, having an increased number of Memory Slots is all the player requires. 

When the game begins, the players bear two Memory Slots. That is the same number with every player at the initiation of the game. Thus, there is a need to get more such Memory Slots to continue with the game and emerge as the winner.

The key items to increase the Memory Slots are the Memory Stones. Memory Stones can be found at different locations in the game world and equipping those Memory Stones will increase the number of Memory Slots with one. We know there are about eight Memory Stones situated at different locations, so, this increases the Memory Slots to eight.

With two Memory Slots already provided with the game’s start and eight more with acquiring the Memory Stones, the player gets ten Memory Slots. But that is not all, the Talisman, Moon of Nokstella has the ability to increase a player’s Memory Slots by two, thus giving the player about twelve Memory Slots. 

How To Get More Memory Slots Elden Ring- FAQs

Where can I buy a Memory Slot for Elden Ring?

No, you cannot buy a Memory Slot for Elden Ring. You can only get or increase a Memory Slot with the possession of Memory Stones and the Moon of Nokstella Talisman. 

Can you have more than two Memory Slots in Elden Ring?

Yes, you can of course have more than two Memory Slots in Elden Ring. The two Memory Slots are provided to all the players at the start of the game, the number then increases throughout the gameplay with the collection of eight Memory Stones and a Talisman. 

What is the max Talisman Slots Elden Ring?

Throughout the gameplay of Elden Ring, the player can have up to four Talisman Pouches and can possess just one at a time. It can be acquired as the game progresses. 

How do you use Memory Spells in Elden Ring?

After acquiring a spell, the player must sit at a Site of Grace and go for “Memorize Spell”. The player can then equip the one they want to use. Many of the spells can be discovered in the Elden Ring open world. 

Wrap Up

Memory Slots are a great help during combats and summons in Elden Ring. The spells can even save the players from grave dangers in the game. But how many spells can you retain? It all depends on the number of Memory Slots you possess. We provided you with the strategies and procedures to get more Memory Slots and you must keenly read about them to rock every level of the game. 

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