How To Get Pine Tar In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, known for its realistic simulation of farming activities, requires players to learn the crafting process by creating different items required on a farm. One of those hard-to-find ingredients is pine tar – which is essential in manufacturing Speed Gro fertilizer and looms. Players need to make a specific device called the tapper and put it on pine trees to go through the procedure of making pine tar. This guide provides a detailed walkthrough, ensuring pine tar harvesting becomes integral to your farming activities.

How To Craft a Tapper to Harvest Pine Tar in Stardew Valley

Pine tar in Stardew Valley is acquired not by an ordinary procedure but by the extracting process supported with a crafted product made taper. Crafting a tapper is straightforwardendeavour, requiring two common components: Forty wood and two copper bars. Before players set off on this crafting expedition, they must ensure all required objects are stored in their inventory. It is advisable to retrieve items stored in chests before going further.

Players can access the crafting tab where the tapper icon is located when equipped with the necessary components. Taking up the shape of a wooden barrel with a special hanger on the top, the tapper is an important tool for penetrating pine resources. When tapped, the tapper initiates crafting and enters the player’s inventory.

Place The Tapper on a Pine Tree

Now that the new tapper has been crafted, players can visit their farm and locate suitable pine trees for tapping. Pine trees are marked by their pointed shape and toothed bark, ensuring they stand out from the rest. Next to the selected pine tree, players can locate tappers in their inventory and place them properly by A button on the Switch or by right-clicking with a mouse.

On achieving successful placement, the tapper proves firmly attached to its place in front of the tree, implying the activation of pine tar collecting. This is the beginning of a collection process, which will take place over several days.

Wait a Few Days, Then Harvest the Pine Tar

Patience becomes the virtue of harvesting pine tar in Stardew Valley. It takes the tapper five days to produce that resource. In the meantime, players can take care of other things on their farm or wander about doing all kinds of activities. When the pine tar is ready, a visual indicator in the form of a thought bubble with an image of a jug filled to its Everest half with pine Tar will appear in front of the tree.

To finish the harvesting cycle, players must stand next to the tree and hit A on Switch or right-click PC. This causes the pine tar to flow smoothly into the player’s inventory for crafting, selling, or storing.


Harvesting pine tar as a skill in Stardew Valley provides yet another facet to the farming adventures of players. Strategic placement of tappers on pine trees guarantees a constant stream of this valuable resource, allowing players to improve their crafting skills and fully utilize farms’ potential. Following this comprehensive guide makes the process easier for players to follow, and they can harness all of the benefits that pine tar yields in their Stardew Valley game.

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