How To Get Rotom In Pokemon Go 2022

This ghost-type mythical Pokemon, Rotom, has probably made us all mad looking for it, but unable to catch one. But, you know what, we have found it finally and are now here to let you know too how to get Rotom in Pokemon Go.

To get Rotom in Pokemon Go, you have to go near the top of the zone in the Eterna Forest. From here you will need to visit the Old Chateau building and step up to the second floor where you will be able to battle Rotom as you interact with the TV present in the room.

Confused about this TV and all thing? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you without explaining the method in detail unless you understand it. 

What Is Rotom In Pokemon Go? 

Rotom, the ghost-type, electric, Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go is unique in itself as every form of this elusive mythical Pokemon belongs to a different Pokemon type. This Pokemon has been introduced into the game in 2020, but it is still not easy to get it as you will get a hard time finding it. 

In the game Pokemon Go, you will be able to find Rotom only in its Wash Rotom form. 

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How To Get Rotom In Pokemon Go?

In the list of the rarest Pokemon in the game Pokemon Go, Rotom has always had its place. So, here is how you will be able to get one for you in the game. 

You will first have to go to the Eterna Forest in the game. There, you must visit the Old Chateau house which you will find near the top of the zone. In order to get to the area, you can use Cut. once you reach there, enter the building. 

You now have to head to the second floor of this Old Chateau building where there would be a room, and inside the room will be the TV. 

Now, you just have to interact with the TV which will lead you to a battle with the elusive Rotom. Once you win the battle, you can capture Rotom, and thus, this Rotom is yours. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that now you have completely understood where and how to get Rotom in Pokemon Go. So, now is the time that you get this rare Pokemon in the game for yourself and show it off to your friends. 

What Are Rotom Pokemon Go Coordinates?

The coordinates 40.755205, and -73.982997 refer to the land that is full of landmarks which are preferable for hunting some rare Pokemon like Rotom. 

How To Get Rotom In Pokemon Go Without Go Fest?

If you do not attend the Go Fest, yet you want to have Rotom Pokemon, then the way to get one is by trading the Rotom with the player who attended the Go Fest and caught the Rotom there. 

What Is Rotom Pokemon Go Number?

The Pokemon Number of Rotom in the game Pokemon Go is 479 in the National Pokedex. It is a fourth-generation Pokemon and has five moves, of which 2 are the fast ones while the other three are charged.

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