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FPS in Pubg Mobile really sucks. Although we hit the enemy first, still there are chances of getting killed by him. This mostly happens because of frame drops or low Pubg mobile graphics settings.

Before season 16, I too was facing the same issue while playing Pubg Mobile. But after that, I came across some tips and tricks that really helped me to increase my FPS. Now, the increase in frame rate not only made my gameplay smoother but also nourished my K/D ratio. It went from 1.23 to 3.22.

As the tricks made my gameplay better, I will also recommend you to do the same settings in your smartphone so that you can also improve fps in your Pubg Mobile game. Note that these tricks work for both iOS and Android devices.

Tips and Tricks To Increase Fps in Pubg Mobile – Best FPS Settings

First of all, you should check the background apps on your smartphone. If there are any, clear the history. Apart from it, if there’s a power-saving mode enabled, you should disable it. This might be a basic setting, but it actually works.

Check Your Pubg Graphics Settings

The first and foremost step you should do is to check the graphics settings of Pubg Mobile on your device. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you play Pubg on iOS, Android, or even Emulator. To check this, follow the steps below. The instructions are the same for every device. 

  • Open Pubg Mobile on your device.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click the Graphics section.

When you install the game, the graphics settings are set by default. You have the option to change them. By default, Pubg provides this frame rate:

  • Low: 20
  • Medium: 25
  • High: 30
  • Ultra: 40
  • Extreme: 60

To make your gameplay smoother, you should keep the graphics settings to smooth+extreme. It is the best Pubg Mobile frame rate setting.

The frame rate also depends upon the devices. Some high-end devices provide smooth+extreme Pubg graphics while some have not more than smooth+medium. However, here I will tell you the proper way to get the highest frame rate.

Improve Fps in Pubg Mobile Emulator, iOS, and Android Using GFX Tool

Using the best GFX tool to unlock graphics in Pubg Mobile is one of the ways that works on all platforms. Many people still install these applications on their smartphones as it makes their game smooth and enhances resolution. Apart from it, a GFX tool also helps you to

  • Change resolution in-game.
  • Unlock HDR graphics and all FPS levels.
  • Fully control Anti-aliasing and shadows.

In order to unlock graphics settings using a GFX tool, follow the steps below.

  • Install and open the Pubg GFX tool to your device.
  • Select your game version.
  • Choose the resolution accordingly. I recommend 1280×720.
  • Select fps to 60 or more.
  • Select or skip Anti-aliasing.
  • Choose the style to classic.
  • Select or skip the shadow option. It totally depends upon you.

Run the game and enjoy high fps.

Increase FPS in Pubg Mobile Without GFX Tool

This is by far the easiest but tricky method to unlock a high frame rate in the game. It works best for low-end devices such as smartphones with 2Gb, 3Gb, or 4Gb ram. 

In order to use this method, you should first download a 60fps or 90fps config file. I’ve given the links for these files, you can download them from here. You will also get a complete tutorial on how to use these config files.

PUBG Mobile 60fps Config file Free DownloadClick Here

90fps Config File Download For BGMIClick Here

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