How To Get Shaymin In Pokemon Go?

Ever since Shaymin’s introduction to Pokemon Go Fest 2022, gamers’ attention has been drawn to it. Everyone is interested in finding out how to get Shaymin in Pokemon Go because of its shining pearl and other abilities that are incomparable and irresistible at the same time.

One thing to keep in mind is that Shaymin is the Pokemon that can change its form from Sky Forme To Land Forme. Here you will find instructions on how to add both to your list.

The only way to get these Shaymins is by participating in the Pokemon Go Fest and completing their respective tasks. Let’s know a little more about them.

How To Get Shaymin In Pokemon Go? Land Forme & Sky Forme 

let us know one by one, about how to get Shaymin in Pokemon Go, both the Land Forme and the Sky Forme.

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How To Get Land Forme Shaymin In Pokemon Go?

When players purchase tickets for the event which is organized by the Pokemon Go team every year. You need to finish the special research tale which was a task that is assigned to you in that event. Only by this, they can get Land Forme Shaymin.

From June 4 to 6, the players had a login to Pokemon Go Fest 2022 to access the Special Research Narrative. So far, this is the only way in which the Land Forme can be brought to the fore.

How To Get Sky Forme Shaymin In Pokemon Go?

Sky Forme Shaymin will be accessible only when you complete a special research tale that is based on a whole A Radiant Reunion task. How? Only when you buy a ticket for the Pokemon Go Fest 2022 and complete all the Research Stories, then the Sky Forme Shaymin will then definitely be encountered, giving you the opportunity to add it to your list.

Earlier it was found only in Pokemon Fests in places like Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo. But now it’s get organized everywhere where the ticket holders are. 

What Is The Time Limit For Completing The Sky Forme Shaymin Tasks?

You can catch Sky Forme Shaymin on 27th August. There is no time limit for completing the tasks for Sky Forme Shaymin.

This means that after purchasing the tickets for the finals, it is not necessary that you have to finish those Special Research Tasks only for a particular time period. You can complete the task at any time after buying a ticket.

Is Shaymin Able To Transform In Pokemon Go?

There are many Pokemons in Pokemon Go that can change their forms. The same goes for Shaymin. Yes, you are allowed to change the Sky Forme Shaymin to Land Forme Shaymin and then again Sky Forme Shaymin. But you can not change the form of Land Forme Shaymin.


That’s it for now!! Here in this article, there is everything that you need to know if you want to include Shaymin in your list. In short, whether you want Land Forme or Sky Shaymin Shaymin, the only way to get both of these is to complete their particular special tasks and get these Shaymin in return as a reward. After, getting Shaymin, take a look at this Pokemon Go Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shaymin be available to those without tickets?

No, non-ticket holders do not get access to Shaymin. As, Shaymin is only accessible through Pokemon Go Fest, in which you can participate only by purchasing tickets.

What are the capabilities of Shaymin?

  • Shaymin is most popular for its fast move (Zen Headbutt)
  • It can perform various charged moves like Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Solar Beam
  • It can be able to change its form. (Sky Forme to Land Forme)
  • It is best countered by the Dragon and Fire-type Reshiram, which has a maximin CP of 4565.

Name the best counters for Shaymin.

The best counters for Shaymin include Flying, Bug, Poison, Fire, and Ice.

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