How To Add Friends In Zynga Poker?

Do you love to play card games? You might know there are several interesting card games that you can even play online, just like Zynga Poker. If you already have this one, you must then be aware of how to add friends in Zynga Poker so that you can play with them in the online multiplayer mode. 

If you ask which is the most popular Poker game globally that has more tournaments, more tables, as well as more people you can challenge, then the best answer to this is Zynga Poker which is the best choice for all Poker players and casino fans, that will, however, be useful only if you are able to add your friends to the game. 

To add friends in Zynga Poker, you just have to get your game connected to your respective Facebook account, after that you have to click on your player avatar and select the “Add Friends” option which will direct you to your Facebook friends list where you can invite the friends of yours you wish to play Poker with. 

If you want to understand the process of adding friends in detail, or, in case you wish to have random people play Poker with you, you must keep reading and get your answers. 

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How To Add Friends In Zynga Poker?

Nothing can be better if you are able to play Poker with your friends who live away right from your home online. And this service is provided by the rapidly popularizing application Zynga Poker through which you can play on the 888Poker platform with your friends at the same table. 

Zynga has developed this Poker app which has been linked with Facebook so that people can enjoy the fun of Poker from anywhere and anytime with friends who live far away. 

Through this game, the players can simulate playing Texas Hold’em Poker with their Facebook friends where they get to enter a casino lobby and get a table to play, or alternatively join their friends at their table for the game. You can also send and receive gifts as well as compare the chip ranking on the leaderboard of this game. 

If you have been playing the Facebook edition of Zynga Poker, you can easily invite your friends to your profile to play the game with them. Every other day, you get a chance to compete against thousands and millions of other players. 

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To add your friends in Zynga Poker to play at the same Poker table, you need to click on the Player avatar in the game where you will find the option to add friends. 

A popup window will appear on the screen where you need to click on this “Add Friend” button that will connect your game to your Facebook account where you can easily invite any of your Facebook friends to play with you. 

This method is for adding friends you already know via Facebook. Alternatively, if you wish to add random people as your friends to play Poker with you in Zynga Poker, you can just click on their Player Avatar where you will find the option to “Add Buddy”. Select this option and you can choose the buddy you want to send your Poker chips to. 

Thus, you can play Poker with the friends you already have online, or you can choose your new random friends in Zynga Poker who you can sit at the table and start your 888Poker and enjoy to the fullest. 

Wrap Up

That was all about how to add friends in Zynga Poker, we hope that it will not be any difficult for you because all you need to do is link your game to your Facebook account and then invite whichever friends you wish to play Poker with. If there is still anything left that you are struggling with in the game, you can share it with us in the comments so that we can assist you accordingly. 

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