Is Mega Aggron Good Pokemon Go?

Due to being a Mega Pokemon, it is not necessary that you will admit Mega Aggron is a good Pokemon in Pokemon Go without even attaining the basic information about this variant. So, before coming to any conclusion or believing what others say, you must go through our complete info article on this Pokemon. 

Every Pokemon in Pokemon Go is unique in its own sense. There are regular Pokemon that can be evolved using Mega candies to get the mega form of the same which is more enhanced, but sometimes it can also prove to be of no use, all of which is decided on what you exactly need in the game. 

If we talk about a Mega Aggron, it is a great choice in Pokemon Go specifically because of its resistance to a series of Pokemon Attack Types which makes it an ideal option against a lot of Pokemon in the game. However, it only has offensive moves and laces any good defensive Movesets which is its only loophole. 

Now, if you want to decide whether you should get a Mega Aggron in Pokemon Go or not, you must have a look at some other factors that are significant for every Pokemon. 

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Is Mega Aggron Good Pokemon Go?

Before you make a crux of the advantage and disadvantages of a Mega Aggron, it is necessary to gain all the important information related to this Pokemon, to check out its strengths as well as weaknesses, only after which you can decide if this Pokemon is worth obtaining or if it was okay to just have the normal Aggron in Pokemon Go. 

A Mega Aggron evolves from a regular Aggron which is a Rock and Steel type Pokemon, however, after the evolution into its mega form, this becomes a purely Steel Type Pokemon. 

Let us check out the stats of a Mega Aggron in Pokemon Go, which is one of the most important informational parts of a Pokemon. 

1. STA – 172

2. ATK – 247

3. DEF – 172

Based upon this, you can get a good idea of how good this Pokemon will work in the battles you send it to. 

Here is a list of all the Attack Types that a Mega Aggron is resistant to:

1. Bug Type – 62.5% Damage

2. Steel Type – 62.5% Damage

3. Psychic Type – 62.5% Damage

4. Ice Type – 62.5% Damage

5. Fairy Type – 62.5% Damage

6. Dragon Type – 62.5% Damage

7. Flying Type – 62.5% Damage

8. Rock Type – 62.5% Damage

9. Grass Type – 62.5% Damage

10. Normal Type – 62.5% Damage

11. Poison Type – 39.1% Damage

As for the vulnerable side of this Pokemon, there are only three types of attack that can leave good damage on a Mega Aggron. 

1. Ground Type – 160% Damage

2. Fire Type – 160% Damage

3. Fight Type – 160% Damage

Let us now see if the Movesets of a Mega Aggron are worth a battle or not. 

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Offensive Movesets Of Mega Aggron

1. Since a Mega Aggron is a pure Steel Type Pokemon, the only dependable offensive Movesets of this Pokemon are Heavy Slam and Iron Tail.

2. If we want a Rock Type Moveset, we could pair Smack Down with Stone Edge, however, unlike a regular Aggron, a Mega Aggron lacks the Rock Type STAB thus this combination becomes quite inferior for usage.

3. Alternatively, it is all right if you opt for the Movesets like Rock Tomb, Thunder, and Dragon Tail, which are not way too good, but will work at an optimum level. 

Is Mega Aggron Worth It In Pokemon Go?

Mega Aggron is definitely a good choice because of its resistance to various Pokemon types while it is vulnerable only to three types of attacks. However, we would not suggest you use this Pokemon in PvP battles as its defensive Movesets are not much effective in the game so you would probably regret using it in that battle. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you can decide, based upon the types of Pokemon you have and the types of Pokemon you want to compete with, whether you should evolve your regular Aggron into a Mega Aggron or let it be as it is.

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