How To Get Shiny Eevee Pokemon Go? 4 Ways To Find This Rare Pokemon

Niantic has been introducing the shiny versions of several Pokemon since 2017, and now, we also have Eevee in this category. This means that you can also get a Shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go. Though it is rare, if you take our guidance, your chances of finding this Pokemon will increase to a great extent. 

Being the only Pokemon that can be evolved into eight different forms in Pokemon Go, Eevee already stands out as a one-of-a-kind Pokemon, still, if you want to brag more to your friends, nothing would be better than having a Shiny Eevee for yourself, right?

To get Shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go, you can either explore in the wild as much as possible, take part in the Special Events in the game, hatch a lot of 5 Km eggs, or play raid battles to get a Shiny Eevee encounter. 

If you have also been long since looking for a Shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go, then now is the time that you find out what is the right way to obtain this hard-to-get Pokemon. 

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How To Get Shiny Eevee Pokemon Go?

There are a few ways in which you can have a chance of finding a Shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go, however, none of these methods guarantee that you will surely get a Shiny form of Eevee, all you can do is try them all while trying your luck and who knows, you were the lucky one to encounter this rare Pokemon?

Let us check out all the possible ways one by one in which a Shiny Eevee can be found in Pokemon Go. 

1. By Searching In The Wild

Although the chances are very less, if you are lucky enough, you might find a Shiny Eevee in the wild. Thus, explore around you as much as you can and visit as many regions and stops as you can if you are really keen to find a Shiny form of Eevee in Pokemon Go. 

2. By Taking Part In Special Events

Another place where a Shiny Eevee can possibly appear is the Special Events that often take place in Pokemon Go. Thus, whenever a Special Event occurs in the game, make sure that you take part in it with full preparations, hopefully, you will find a Shiny Eevee in one of these events. 

3. By Hatching 5 Km Eggs

Do you know that most of the time, Shiny Eevees have been found by hatching the 5 Km eggs? So, if you also do the same, you might also get a Shiny form of Eevee hatched from one of these eggs soon. 

If you don’t have any 5 Km eggs yet, you can get them by either spinning the Photo Discs at the PokeStops or you can take part in different battles to win these eggs as rewards for winning the battles. 

Once you get an egg, you need to walk for 5 Km while you put the egg in an incubator to make it hatch. The rest depends upon fate, if you had a stroke of good luck you might get your Shiny Eevee, if not, you might get something else. 

All you can do is hatch as many 5 Km eggs as you can in Pokemon Go so that at least one of them turns out to be a Shiny Eevee. 

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4.  By Playing Raid Battles 

There is one more way in which you might get a Shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go, however, this one is the one with the least possibility of finding a Shiny variant of Eevee. So, what you have to do is play as many raid battles as you can and if you win the battle, you might get an encounter with a Shiny Eevee which you can then catch for yourself. 

Wrap Up

Apart from all the methods that we mentioned above, there is no other possible way in which you can get a Shiny Eevee in Pokemon Go. However, if any of your friends have already got one, you can ask them to trade it with you, which no one might agree to, so you probably have to find this Pokemon on your own.

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