How To Get Shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go In 2022 – Find And Defeat It Effortlessly

When a Pokemon is a bit rare, players need a guide on finding it quickly. The same goes for the Dragon and Flying Type Legendary Pokemon we are going to talk about today. So, if you want to know how to get shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go, this is the most appropriate page you have landed on. 

To get shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Go, you will need to take part in the 5 Star Raids that take place in the game. Defeat a Rayquaza during the Legendary raid and hope that you are given a Shiny Rayquaza when it is time for the encounter. A lot more is there to know in this aspect, all of which is provided here, you can check out. 

There are so many kinds of Pokemon available in Pokemon Go that it is not a simple thing to get each of them once. Even if you obtain all types of Pokemon, you still won’t be possessing the evolved versions of all of them. Or, how about their shiny forms? Although the Shiny Pokemon are no different from their regular form in terms of strength and capabilities, their appearance is what attracts the players towards it.

If you are also looking for the answer on how to get Shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go then you won’t be searching for it anymore once you read this article. So, shall we move forward to know it all? 

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How To Get Shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go? 

No matter how hard you try, one thing is clear being a rare type, you will always be quite low on your chances of getting a shiny Pokemon, whether it is a Rayquaza or any other kind of Pokemon. If you talk about the probability, you only have 1 in 20 chances because here we are talking about one of the best-looking Legendary Pokemon in the game, that too in its shiny form.

However, you must not lose hope and keep trying, because that’s all you can do to get a Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Go.

Where To Find Shiny Rayquaza In Pokemon Go?

Forget about roaming around to search for a Shiny Rayquaza in your surroundings because that is near impossible. 

The only way in which you can have some chances of getting a shiny Rayquaza is by taking part in the Pokemon Go legendary raids and completing it. Once you complete a raid with a legendary Pokemon, most of the time you are given a chance to encounter a shiny Pokemon, but remember that this is not guaranteed. 

So, if you want to get a Shiny Rayquaza, you will require to defeat a Rayquaza in the Legendary Raid of Pokemon Go, and after that, you will be given an encounter. Now, at this point, all you can do is pray that you are given a shiny Rayquaza in the encounter so that you can catch it. If not, you do not have another choice apart from taking part in another Rayquaza raid and again hoping to encounter a shiny one. 

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How To Defeat Shiny Rayquaza In Pokemon Go?

Guess what? You lucked out and found a Shiny Rayquaza in the legendary raid, but it would be no use if you are not prepared enough to beat it in the battle. So, here we are to tell you how you can possibly defeat a shiny Rayquaza in the Pokemon Go raid. 

See, Rayquaza is a Flying Type and a Dragon-Type Legendary Pokemon in the game. And, the term Legendary says it all that it is not going to be an easy task to defeat such a Pokemon. 

Also, such Pokemon are only found in the 5 Star Raids, which are the toughest ones. So, to defeat the Pokemon in such raids, you will require to team up with at least five to six players. 

The CP of a Rayquaza is 49,808, both for a regular and a shiny one. Plus, this one is a dual-type Pokemon, coming under the category of both Dragon and Flying Type. keeping everything about a Rayquaza in mind, the best counter for this Pokemon will be the Ice Type Pokemon. If you don’t have one, you can then opt for a Fairy or a Dragon one. 

Here are some of the best counters along with their best move sets that you can have in the Pokemon Go raid for Rayquaza. 

1. Galarian Darmanitan: Avalanche, Ice Fang

2. Mamoswine: Avalanche, Powder Snow

3. Kyurem(black or white): Blizzard, Dragon Tail

4. Glaceon: Avalanche, Frost Breath

5. Weavile: Avalanche, Ice Shard

Wrap Up

We think this is enough for you to understand completely how to get shiny Rayquaza Pokemon Go. Now, you can move on and plan your complete strategy, first for participating in the Rayquaza raid and next about how to defeat one, and the last thing you can do is, hope to get the shiny form of this Pokemon.

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