How To Get Suicune In Pokemon Go – 10 Best Counters

Are you still short of a Pokemon in your Legendary Beasts of Johto trio? We know that it is not that easy to lay your hands on Suicune, but it is also not impossible at the same time. So, do you wish to find out how to get Suicune in Pokemon Go? Then, you will get all your answer answers right here. 

To get Suicune in Pokemon Go, you will need to fight it in the Suicune raid, for which you will require either a strong Electric Type Pokemon or a powerful Grass Type Pokemon because these are the most suitable types against a Suicune causing the most damage to it. 

Suicune is one of the best Water Type Legendary Pokemon you will find in the game Pokemon Go. The grace and compassion of a pure spring of water that Suicune embodies, which has the capability of purifying the dirty water makes this Pokemon a significant one. 

If you are also enchanted by this graceful Pokemon Suicune and want to know how to get it, then we are going to let you know everything about it in detail. 

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How To Get Suicune In Pokemon Go?

If you wish to catch a Suicune Pokemon, you need to know which kind of Pokemon it shows weakness to. Well, a Suicune is a pure Water type Pokemon, which makes it highly vulnerable to the Pokemon that belong to the Electric Type or Grass Type, causing double damage.

 Thus, if you have any strong Pokemon in one of these categories, it is not going to be that hard for you to beat a Suicune you encounter. 

Here are some of the best counters for Suicune that will greatly help you in winning the raid in the least possible time. 

1. Mega Manectric

This is an Electric Type Pokemon and is the best choice against a Suicune. The best counter-moves of Mega Manectric are Thunder Fang and Wild Charge. 

2. Zekrom

Zekrom is also one of the best options when you encounter a Suicune. The Charge Beam and Wild Charge of this Electric Type Pokemon will be enough to defeat a Suicune. 

3. Mega Venusaur

This Grass Type Pokemon has amazing move sets like Frenzy Plant and Vine Whip which will prove to be of great use while fighting a Suicune. 

4. Zarude

Zarude is also a Grass Type Pokemon and also falls under the category of Dark Type at the same time, and it has great resistance to all the moves from a Suicune. And its moves like Power Whip and Vine Whip will work quite effectively during a battle with a Suicune Pokemon. 

5. Thundurus

Thundurus (Therian Forme) is an electric Type Pokemon in the game and it has the moves Thunderbolt as well as Volt Switch both of which are quite strong and damageable for a Suicune. 

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6. Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos definitely isn’t as good as a Mega Manectric or Venusaur, but if you don’t have these two, an Ampharos will also be quite useful in a battle against Suicune, as this is an Electric as well as Dragon Type Pokemon and has interesting Moves like Zap Cannon and Volt Switch. 

7. Raikou

Raikou is also one of the legendary beasts from Johto and works as a strong counter Pokemon for Suicune. Its most suitable fast attack is Thunder Shock and its charged attack is Wild Charge 

8. Electivire

This Electric Type Pokemon, Electivire is also a great choice for the Legendary Suicune raids with the use of its best moves Thunder Shock and the Wild Charge. 

9. Magnezone

Spark and Wild Charge are the best moves of Magnezone, the great Electric, and Steel Type Pokemon when you are up for a battle with Suicune, so you can consider this Pokemon for the raid if you have one. 

10. Zapdos

Zapdos is another great performer in the Suicune raid and is our final suggestion for you in the case of Suicune counters. This is a Gen I Legendary Bird and has amazing and powerful moves like Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt that will work effectively while fighting a Suicune. 

Wrap Up

Since you are well aware of the best Suicune counters in the game, you are already answered about how to get Suicune in Pokemon Go. So, what are you waiting for, just go ahead and complete the Suicune raid using the best Pokemon you have in your team.

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