How To Get To The Nexus WotLK?

If you are still struggling with the right way to reach the Nexus in WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic, then you won’t need to stress over this anymore because we are here for you with this guide on how to get to the Nexus WotLK. 

A lot of players have been caught by the enchanting world of Wrath of the Lich King which is the second expansion set for the popular role-playing video game World of Warcraft raising the level cap 

from 70 to 80. The players will have access to the Death Knight in this expansion. Here you will also find a massive dragon hub called the Nexus. 

To get to the Nexus in WotLK, you need to head to the Borean Tundra which is located in the island named Coldarra in the game. For this, you will first have to unlock flying and this will require a lot of gold. However, you can first head to the Amber Ledge where a dragon Surristrasz will take you to where you want. 

Is it too confusing? Why don’t you continue to read then? Because below is a detailed explanation that will assist you properly on your journey to the Nexus, also, you might want to know what exactly is in the Nexus, right? 

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Why do You Need To Get To The Nexus In WotLK?

The Nexus is an instance that looks like a labyrinth, with walls like that of an ice fortress which is basically a huge dragon hub that you will find on the Coldarra island in Borean Tundra in the game. 

Within Nexus, you will find a lot of caves and tunnels, the place is packed with three different instances. The two of them are dungeons and the third one is a raid. However, the raid, which is the Eye of Eternity, is not yet made available on live servers for which you need to wait till October 6. 

Many of you might not have worked that hard to get to the Nexus because you probably are not sure what to find at this place. Well, the Nexus is where the final boss Keristrasza is hidden in the game. 

This captured red Dragonflight will unlock only after you have defeated the other three bosses namely the Grand Magus Telestra, Naomalus, and third one being Ormorok the Tree-Shaper. 

The most hated dungeon in WotLK is the Oculus, that is because the fights that take place here are vehicle-oriented and you will find the Oculus at the core of the Nexus. 

When you get to the Oculus, you will have to face the Interrogator namely Drakos, along with Varos Croudstrider, Mage-Lord Urom, and Ley-Guardian Eregos and prevent the redirection of Malygos so that all the connections between humans and magic can be torn apart. 

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How To Get To The Nexus WotLK?

Now, you must be getting impatient and want to quickly know how you can get to the Nexus in WotLK. Well, we have already told you that this location is in Borean Tundra on the island of Coldarra which you can reach only with the help of flying ability because this is an ISLAND. 

In order to unlock flying, you will require to collect a lot of gold in the game, which is going to take some time of yours. However, till you get all the gold, you can reach the Amber Ledge where there used to be a bridge that connected Borean Tundra with Coldarra. 

If you have not yet unlocked the flightpath location for this, you can go for the quests “Nick of Time for Alliance” and “Too Close For Comfort” and once you get the location unlocked you can use the Flightmaster’s griffon to fly to this place. 

On arriving at the Amber Ledge you have to find Surristrasz, a dragon that will carry you to Coldarra where you have to move towards the center-most location on the map and you will find the entrance of the instance below the Nexus’ rifts. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you are well aware of the right way to get to the Nexus in Wrath of the Lich King, then move ahead and defeat the first three bosses of the game so that you can finally get a chance to deal with the ultimate, the final boss and come out victorious. 

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