How To Get To Tragoth Elden Ring

Elden Ring is split-screen and has numerous characters including brutal as well as minor bosses and some very interesting non-playing characters which can come as both a support in the game or an enemy at some point. The game is an open-world action role-playing and the player must explore this open world to meet these amazing but a bit complicated characters. 

Great Horned Tragoth is one such non-playing character in Elden Ring. You can find him in Ruin-Strewn Precipice, located inside Magma Wym Maker’s Boss room. If you want to visit this character in the game then you must keep yourself ready as this one is not as easy as its name. 

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How To Get To Tragoth Elden Ring

In Elden Ring game, Great Horned Tragoth is a non-playing character the player can defeat and later summon to help. If you want to invade Tragoth’s World, you need to go to the Ruin-Strewn Precipice and can find Tragoth inside Magma Wym Maker’s boss room. The Great Horned Tragoth is believed to possess some amazing sets of armor and you can acquire the Bull-Goat armor by defeating Tragoth in combat. 

Tragoth might not be the most difficult to fight but surely isn’t the easiest one. A red summon sign will permit the players to enter Tragoth’s world where they can look for him and defeat him. This is a part of Patches’ Volcano Manor quest. There, when you defeat Tragoth, it will drop the Bull-Goat Armor set you can acquire. The Bull-Goat Armor is a complete set of 197 Robustness, 170 Immunity, 130 Vitality, 110 Focus, and 100 Poise. 

You can also summon the NPC Great Horned Tragoth as help to fight against General Radahn and Magma Wyrm Makar. Tragoth will give you a greeting gesture after being summoned by you. Defeating Tragoth isn’t that hard but you still need to be attentive to the attacks and dodge at the right time. 

How To Get To Tragoth Elden Ring- FAQs

Can you fight Tragoth without Patches?

Killing or Assassinating Great Horned Tragoth is a part of Patches’ Quest so you must only fight him as a part of the quest.

How do you get the Great Horned armor Elden Ring?

Great Horned armor or the Bull-Goat armor set is possessed by Tragoth and in order to obtain it, you must fight and defeat Great Horned Tragoth. As a part of the quest by the Patches, the player needs to go to the Ruin-Strewn Precipice and fight with Magma Wyrm. 

There, behind the Magma Wyrm Site of Grace, you will find a red summon sign. 

This sign will teleport you to Great Horned Tragoth’s location where you can defeat him to get the armor set. 

How hard is Great Horned Tragoth?

We won’t say that Tragoth is the hardest to fight in Elden Ring but that doesn’t mean that he will be defeated with some casual attacks. When he is about to attack you, you can attack him from the back and dodge his attacks. He is also a quick beast and you might not be able to block his attack at the right time so do keep a keen eye on his fighting style and attacks. Defeating him will provide you with an armor set. 

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Wrap Up

Every character in Elden Ring has an interesting and unique fighting style. Whether it’s the bosses or other Non-playing characters, everyone has a particular method to deal with. Great Horned Tragoth is an NPC you can defeat to get his armor set or summon him as a helping hand to fight against some. We have provided you with information regarding his location and how can you reach him. Enjoy this amazing game and have fun exploring. 

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