How to Get Valorant Skins for Free

Hey, What’s up Valorant Players!! If getting the Valorant Skins is a commitment to you, then in this article, we are going to show you the ways to get Valorant Skins for free.

Yes, you heard right!! Free. Some of the flashiest skins available for Valorant can make the default loadout appear uninteresting. Here you will get to know, how you can achieve a brand new shiny Skin for your Valorant character.

To get the Valorant Skins for free, you have two methods. You can either use the Battle Pass method or the Agent Rewards method.

Step-by-step descriptions of these methods are discussed later in this article.

How To Get Valorant Skins For Free?

Out of all the available online games, Valorant will provide you with the interesting and coolest weapon skins. Valorant Skins are of different types- Some skins give a mesmerizing shiny look, and some improve your gameplay.

Some Valorant skins give you dope kill animation effects, while some have different kill signs and multi-skills.

You will get to see price tags on each Valorant Skin, but here we have some ways for you to get those skins for free. Take a look at the below headings and understand them carefully.

Method 1: Battle Pass

In Valorant, you will have battle passes loaded with cool items. You can win those battle passes by just completing some challenges. Battle Passes in Valorant can also be called “Act Passes”.

When you complete the Battle Pass challenge, you will get the following rewards. 

  • 3 Player Cards
  • 3 Gunbuddies
  • 2 sets of 10 Radianite Points
  • 3 Player Titles
  • 2 Sprays
  • 1 Sidearm Skin

When you earn some XP for playing matches during the current season chapter. Your battle pass will level up, granting you access to free cosmetics.

Method 2: Agent Rewards

As you progress with the Agent Contracts, you will get the Agent Rewards including agent and one sidearm skin.

The Agent Rewards include the following- 

  • Brimstone- Peacekeeper Sheriff
  • Omen- Soul Silencer Ghost
  • Cypher- Hush Ghost
  • Sage- Final Chamber Classic
  • Jett- Game Over Sheriff
  • Raze- Pistolinha Classic
  • Skye- Swooping Frenzy
  • Astra- Eclipse Ghost
  • Chamber- Finesse Classic
  • Fade- Karabasan Shorty
  • Gekko- Sidekick Shorty
  • Viper- Snakebite Shorty
  • Killjoy- Wunderkind Shorty
  • Sova- Protektor Sheriff
  • Phoenix- Spitfire Frenzy
  • Reyna- Vendetta Ghost
  • Breach- Ragnarocker Frenzy
  • Yoru- Death Wise Sheriff
  • KAY/O- FIRE-ARM Classic
  • Neon- Live Wire Frenzy
  • Harbor- Wayfarer Sheriff
  • Deadlock- Resolution Classic

Follow these steps to obtain the above skins- 

  1. Open Valorant and select the Agents tab from the top 
  2. Choose the Agent to want to proceed further with 
  3. Tap on the Activate and activate their contract
  4. Work your way up to Tier 10 to obtain the lovely pistol skin

Other Alternate Ways To Get Valorant Skins For Free

Apart from these above-mentioned methods, you can also try some other effective ways to get the Valorant Skins for free.

Take a look at these alternate ways to get the free skins.

Amazon Prime Gaming Reward

Yes, being a Prime Gaming user or subscriber, you have the benefit of getting a free Valorant skin. How? 

If you are a new Amazon Prime user, then you will get 30 days of free Amazon Prime subscription and a free skin or other rewards available at that time. 

Note that, Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards does not include the Phantom, Vandal, or Knife skins, but the skins they provide are also very cool to enhance your gameplay experience. 

Free Valorant Skins Giveaway

Sometimes, some influencers or Valorant companies will host the giveaways for the gamers to win the free skins for the game.

The influencers host this giveaway on their preferred Social Media platform. Just by doing a simple Like, Comment, and Share on the post. You will get the chance to receive the Valorant Skin for free. 

Free Valorant Skins Codes

On some days, Valorant has released some codes for providing their gamers with the free Skins. These frequently appear at important events, such as the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). 

You need to be fast by using these codes, as they expire too quickly. Riot releases these codes for a limited period. So, you need to keep a proper check on the updates about the coming of the codes. 

So, that you can quickly grab them and use them properly to get the free Valorant Skins. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Valorant Skins For Cheap?

You will get the Valorant Skins at a discount and at cheap rates at the Night Market. Wait for the Night Market and purchase your skin at an affordable price. 

How Long Does It Take To Unlock Comp In Val?

To get access to the competitive modes, you will need to be at least on Level 20 of the game. 


With this, we conclude this article and you will get to know the best methods to unlock the Valorant Skins for free.

Follow the method carefully and use those skins to enhance your Valorant character. 

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