How To Kill Miranda Resident Evil 2022

Have you figured out how to kill Miranda Resident Evil, the overarching enemy? Of course, this is not a piece of cake because she is one of the greatest villains in the Resident Evil series and the major antagonist in the Resident Evil Village, however, nothing is impossible, so she can also be killed. 

Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, both the installments in the series were overbearing because of the presence of the powerful villain Miranda in each of them

How to kill Miranda Resident Evil? Answer: To kill Miranda, you will have to first damage her by shooting the three glowing orbs that she produces as she goes up in the air. Try to aim for Miranda’s head as often as possible. Use the shotgun and other powerful weapons and make sure you don’t miss the shots. 

The task to kill Miranda is not as easy as it seems, there will be several instances when you will almost be defeated, so, for being fully prepared about when to do what, you need a lot more information that we are providing that to you right here. 

How To Kill Miranda Resident Evil?

See, killing Miranda in Resident Evil is not a thing about one or two shots, as you encounter mother Miranda, the fight is going to be really long one. So, the first and the most suggested thing is to have enough ammo with your character in the game. 

Miranda has a variety of attacks and you will have to face them all before being able to kill her. You will get to see her different forms as well. 

To begin with, keep one thing always in your mind “Aim For Her HEAD” as much as possible. Try not to miss any shots lest you should run out of ammo before the fight ends. Keep a shotgun and the most powerful weapons with you. 

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How To Deal With First Form Of Miranda?

At first, Miranda will attack you with her claws from the center of the arena rushing straight toward you. Keep dodging the attack to avoid any damage and instantly take the chance to counterattack her. 

After some claw attacks, Miranda will start raising giant mold tendrils from the ground and it is better that you hide behind a mold at that time. Then Miranda will create an orange energy ball over her head and fire off the projectiles, and you have to make sure you do not get in contact with any of them. So, just be patient, and wait for the attacks to end without making any unnecessary moves in haste. 

Then again Miranda will start using her claws to attack, and you again have to dodge them while moving left or right. At the same time, try to slash through her tendrils. As your attacks go on, Miranda will be damaged enough to transform into a deadlier and faster form. 

How To Deal With Second Form Of Miranda?

Now, Miranda has huge spider legs and attacks more dangerously. She will rush toward you and you have to keep dodging her attacks. Keep moving as Miranda now can rapidly change the direction and land an attack on you soon. 

As soon as Miranda makes a move to jump to the top of a wall, it is your time to shoot her with your rifle and move instantly because as soon as Miranda is attacked she will jump towards your head, try to avoid it. And when she lands, you get another chance to attack her again, use shotgun this time right onto her face. 

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How To Deal With Final Form Of Miranda?

Now, Miranda will be in her Final form as she flies in the air. She will make a lot of attacks randomly. Protect yourself from her flying swoop attack and keep running. As she hovers in the air, hit her with some shots of the sniper rifle. 

Again, giant orange balls of energy will be formed over her head, just shoot these balls before they launch at you. Using a grenade launcher to shoot her and destroy those balls is better. 

It will be dark now and Miranda will again use her claws on you. You have to look carefully for the movements and sounds because they will not be that clear around you. Just shoot at her whenever she approaches. There’s no need to dodge this time, just keep attacking as she will disappear after each attack. 

In the final part, Miranda will switch between her different forms. Attack the giant ball as soon as it appears and make shots at her head unless she is dead and that’s it. That’s how to kill Miranda Resident Evil.

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Wrap Up

This was how to kill Miranda Resident Evil, and that’s the only way you can make sure that you will be able to defeat Miranda in the arena without taking much damage to yourself. Remember that if you run short of ammo, your defeat is inevitable. Rest, it is all about how strategically you deal with her. 

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