What Level Do You Have To Be To Trade In Pokemon Go

Did you know that after a particular stage in Pokemon Go, the players can exchange their Pokemon with their friends within the game? You will need to make such attempts if you are willing to complete Pokedex, however, what level do you have to be to trade in Pokemon Go?

To trade in Pokemon you will first require to reach level 10 of the game as a trainer. Once you have crossed this level you are free to exchange your Pokemon with your friends while you keep advancing further to the upper levels. But remember that not all Pokemon are allowed to be traded, so if you also want to find out which Pokemon you can exchange and other restrictions in trading, then continue to read. 

As per the latest updated version of Pokemon Go, there are more than 730 Pokemon available for the players out of the total of 898, which is not a small number. And these too are the Pokemon excluding the regional varieties, which, otherwise, adds a lot more to the number. 

Let us continue to more about what level do you have to be to trade in Pokemon Go and what are the other requisites and procedures required for Trading in the game. 

What Level Do You Have To Be To Trade In Pokemon Go?

If a trainer is up for exchanging a Pokemon with a friend, they will first need to make sure that they have reached level 10 or above in the game, only after which this trading feature will be available for them in Pokemon Go. 

Furthermore, once you have crossed the tenth level in the game and are eligible for trading your Pokemon, you can trade a Pokemon only and only with those players with whom you have reached the friendship level of at least “One”. 

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Which Pokemon Cannot Be Traded In Pokemon Go?

If you are thinking that all the Pokemon are available for trading in Pokemon Go as many times as you want to, then you have gotten the wrong idea. 

For your clarification, remember that you cannot trade any Mythical Monster Pokemon in the game, however, the good thing is that there is only one Pokemon so far that falls under this category in Pokemon Go, which is Mew. thus, in brief, Mew is the only Pokemon in the game that you are not allowed to trade with anyone. 

Wait, wait, wait, that is not all you need to know. There is one more restriction in trading in Pokemon Go. It is that a particular Pokemon once traded cannot be traded ever again in any condition. This means that if you got a Pokemon in trade from your friend, you cannot use the same Pokemon again to trade with someone else. 

So a Pokemon one received through trade will always belong to you throughout the game. 

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How To Trade In Pokemon Go?

Now that you are completely aware of what level do you have to be to trade in Pokemon Go, and what are the possible restrictions while trading Pokemon, it is time that you also know the right procedure to accomplish trading in the game. 

Every time you want to trade, both you and your friend you are trading with will need to spend Stardust, and the amount of Stardust required to spend depends upon how desirable the Pokemon is, for instance, Shiny Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon require more Stardust. However, if your friendship level with your partner is high, the amount of Stardust can be reduced accordingly. 

Here are the steps that are required to trade a Pokemon with your friend in Pokemon Go. 

1. First, you will need to physically meet the friend you want to trade your Pokemon with, you can choose the location to meet up. 

2. Now in the Pokemon Go app, go to your Trainer Profile and tap on the Friends tab. 

3. Now select the trainer you are about to trade your Pokemon with. 

4. Enter the trading screen by tapping on the Trade button on the screen. 

5. Let your friend join the trading session, and then you can choose the Pokemon you want to trade. 

6. Once you and your friend have chosen their Pokemon, confirm your decision on the screen and pay the amount of Stardust required for the trade. 

This is it, your Pokemon will be traded and you will receive your Friend’s chosen Pokemon in return. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you are now acquainted with all the necessary information you needed to get a hold of as a trainer who is planning to trade their Pokemon with a friend for the first time in Pokemon Go. Share this with your friends, and make faster progress on completing your Pokedex together.

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