How To Mega Evolve In Pokemon Lets Go 2022

Even the simplest and weak Pokemon can be made strong enough to win tough battles in Pokemon Let’s Go, do you know how? By Mega Evolving Them! If you still are unaware of how to mega evolve in Pokemon Lets Go, then it is time that you get acknowledged with it, and we are here to help. 

To mega evolve in Pokemon Lets Go, first, you have to collect seven of the eight gym badges to unlock this option. After this, you will need to obtain Key Stone from Professor Oak which then you can use to evolve the Pokemon you already have in your team. It’s not that simple, you must continue to read for more clarification. 

Every Pokemon has its importance in Pokemon Lets Go or any other Pokemon game, so, we cannot neglect any of them even if we find them weak and useless. There might be some Pokemon that are not worth using for battles in their original form, but all of them can be evolved into their Mega forms that are much more powerful no matter how weak the Pokemon used to be. 

This means that it is important to know how to mega evolve in Pokemon Lets Go because that is going to be really useful for you as a player to advance further in the game. 

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How To Mega Evolve In Pokemon Lets Go?

In the game Pokemon Let’s Go, the players cannot always mega evolve their Pokemon. They have to advance a lot throughout the game and it is only after the players win their 7th Gym Badge on Cinnabar Island that they get access to the Mega Evolution option. 

This means that out of all the eight gym badges, you will require to obtain seven after which you can unlock the mega evolution in Pokemon Lets Go. 

After obtaining all the seven badges, you have to come back to Vermillion City where you travel to Pallet Town and visit Professor Oak’s house. 

When you speak with Professor Oak over there, he will give you a Key Stone which is a special item in the game. A Key Stone has the ability to react to the special mega evolution stones that are already present in your inventory. 

Professor Oak will also provide you with the Mega Evolution Stones required for Charizard, Blastoise, and Venasaur Pokemon. If you need more of them, you can also purchase them later. 

But the Key Stone is the thing that you need the most for mega evolution, and once you have it, you can pick the corresponding Pokemon that you own and evolve it. 

For instance, if you want to evolve your Charizard, you can use the X stone while your currently selected Pokemon is the Charizard you are going to evolve. 

Then, you have to tap on the “Fight” option and the Mega Evolution buttons will appear on the screen. Choose one of them and select a move. This will mega evolve your selected Pokemon into a whole new form that is much stronger than its original form. 

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Different Pokemon require different kinds of Mega Stone for the evolution process, all are randomly located in specific locations within the game, of which some are free to get while some will require you to pay the price. Let us check out all the Mega Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go along with the locations where they are available. 

1. Mewtwonite X – Trainer Green (free)

2. Mewtwonite Y – Trainer Green (free)

3. Venusaurite – Professor Oak (free)

4. Slowbronite – Indigo Plateau

5. Gyaradosite – Indigo Plateau

6. Pinsirite – Indigo Plateau

7. Kangaskhanite – Indigo Plateau

8. Charizardite X – Professor Oak (free)

9. Charizardite Y – Professor Oak (free)

10. Pidgeotite – Indigo Plateau

11. Gengarite – Indigo Plateau

12. Beedrillite – Indigo Plateau

13. Aerodactylite – Indigo Plateau

14. Blastoisinite – Professor Oak (free)

15. Alakazite – Indigo Plateau

So, you can see for yourself which Pokemon you want to mega evolve and collect the Mega Stones respectively for the same in the mentioned location. 

Wrap Up

This was our guide on how you can mega evolve a Pokemon in the game Pokemon Lets Go. This is the one and only method to achieve this purpose of making your Pokemon stronger than ever. Before collecting any Mega Stone, make sure that you are possessing the respective Pokemon too.

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