Is Shellshock Live Crossplay?

ShellShock Live is a multiplayer artillery-based strategy video game created by kChamp Games based in California, United States. It is the sequel to two flash games of the ShellShock Live series released between 2011 between 2010 and 2012. The developer is the same.

Shellshock Live Crossplay

Shell Shock Live multiplayer has been developed to be cross-platform. That means you can battle your opponents regardless of which platform they are playing. However, as of the moment, Shellshock Live has no crossplay.

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How old is ShellShock?

Shellshock is a security flaw within the Bash command-line interface shell . It has been around for over thirty years. It was first identified as a significant security threat in 2014. Even today, Shellshock remains a security threat for enterprises.

What is the best place to play ShellShock Live?

ShellShock Live on Steam. In this thrilling multiplayer online tank game, challenge your friends to battle with hundreds of upgradeable weapons fired from your custom tank. 

Earn XP to level up and unlock new weapons, tanks and equipment. You can fight against or with your fellow players in match-ups or free-for-all.

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Does ShellShock Live offline?

It is possible to play offline. The online requirement is designed to prevent cheating during the PVP mode. The other alternative is to configure it so that you can’t bring items that you purchase offline to online games.

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