How to get Modern Controls in Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered

Tomb Raider bundle 1-3 Remastered is an opportunity for gamers to relive the old adventures of Lara Croft filled with new controls for a more pleasant gaming experience.

PlayStationNintendo Switch:Xbox:PC
Move: Left Stick (LS)Walk: Square + LSDash: L3Look: Right Stick (RS)Zoom: R3Jump: XAction: TriangleEquip Weapon: L2 (hold)Shoot: R2Roll: CircleDuck: L1Photo Mode: R1+L1Move: Left Stick (LS)Walk: Y + LSDash: L3Look: Right Stick (RS)Zoom: R3Jump: BAction: XEquip Weapon: ZL (hold)Shoot: ZRRoll: ADuck: LPhoto Mode: L+RMove: Left Stick (LS)Walk: X + LSDash: L3Look: Right Stick (RS)Zoom: R3Jump: AAction: TEquip Weapon: L2 (hold)Shoot: RTRoll: BDuck: LBPhoto Mode: RB+LBMove: WASDWalk: Left AltDash: Left ShiftLook: MouseZoom: Middle MouseJump: SpaceAction: EEquip Weapon: Right-Click (hold)Shoot: Left-ClickRoll: Left CtrlDuck: CPhoto Mode: P

In addition to basic controls, players can execute special moves and actions:

  • Ledge Grab: Press Shoot when jumping toward a ledge
  • Drop off ledge: Approach ledge while holding Shoot then use Roll to drop
  • Sideflips and Backflips: Hold Equip Weapon + Jump + Directional input on LS or WASD. Requires players to equip guns to perform.
  • Frontflips and Backflips + 180: Equip Weapon + Jump + LS (Up/Down) + Roll (immediately after)
  • Harpoon: Press Equip Weapon underwater
  • Swan Dive: Jump + Move + Roll

While these controls allow newcomers to the game easier play, they have been opposed for the evitable problems, mainly the inability to escape some attacks which are due to the practical restrictions. whether you are a longtime Tomb Raider looter or a newcomer to the series, the ability to quickly become accustomed to these modern controls will put you in a ready state to tackle the challenges of Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered.

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