How You Can Quickly & Easily Get Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Top Sniper Rifle

You don’t have to go into hostile bases when you can grab one of Ghost Recon Wildlands (opens a new tab) ‘s best sniper rifles in minutes.

This guide will help you quickly Get Ghost Recon Wildlands‘ Top Sniper Rifle MSR sniper rifle without any irritation.

Warning: This weapon will make it easy to navigate through low-level encounters. You can always take it off if you don’t want to give the drug cartels any fighting chance.

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Easy Ways to Get Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Top Sniper Rifle

Step 1: Go to Montuyoc

Most likely, you don’t have much on the map at this point. Highlight the Montuyoc area and drop your GPS beacon along the western edge. Although the game warns you that this area is unsafe for new players, you can still avoid most enemy patrols with some off-roading. You’ll be able to return home relatively painless if you get caught.

Step 2: Reach Araca Village or the Choza Padre Mine

Continue driving west until you reach Araca Village. The Choza Padre Mine is your final destination. This is a short trip to the south. You will need to disembark from your vehicle and walk slowly towards the mine’s exterior. There are four snipers guarding the mine, including one on top of the westernmost structure. You can take your time to eliminate each guard using silenced shots or any other subtle methods that appeal to your fancy.

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Step 3: Infiltrate into the mine.

You will find more soldiers in the mine, so don’t be impatient. You can use your Ghost’s range of recon equipment (night vision, drones, and binoculars) to help you. Tag the enemies at the entrance and get them out. Once you have cleared the tunnel, enter it. There will be at least one patrol within the tunnel, so keep your head down, take silenced headshots, and go into the tunnel.

Step 4: Get the rifle.

Crouch enough to walk far enough, and you’ll find your grand prize: a weapon bag that holds the MSR sniper gun. It will take some modifications to make it fit your needs, but you’ll be able to jump ahead on your early missions once you have. Here it is with a beautiful blue finish.

And you’re done! You can now go out and use your new weapon – we’ll be there to thank you later.

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