Playstation Plus Games For October 2022 – Worth Trying

PlayStation Plus has unleashed the beast for the month with exciting games all lined up for you. This gaming console is buckled up to make your Halloween month even more exciting by letting you claim these brand new no-cost monthly video games. This Trick or Treat month only has treats for you to enjoy with PlayStation Plus introducing Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice2, and Superhot.

The games can be enjoyed by all the subscribers starting from October 4 and continuing through October 31. So grab this opportunity while you can and enjoy the month playing these awesome games all for you. 

Following are the newly introduced PlayStation Plus games for October 2022

  1. Hot Wheels Unleashed
  2. Injustice2
  3. Superhot

Read more about these stunning games in detail to choose your favorite so that you do not miss this amazing opportunity.  

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3 PS PLUS Games Releasing In October 2022

  1. Hot Wheels Unleashed
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The hit arcade-style racer game lets you unleash your devil collection of the amazing Hot Wheels cars from vintage editions to some great modern beasts and the game lives up to the brand’s popularity. With the combination of iconic Hot Wheels original cars like the Bone Shaker and Bad to the Blade and some big car brands like the Audi R8 Spyder and FIAT 500, the game has become more impressive.

The stellar graphics and driving mechanics provide joy to play. The famous, attractive race tracks come in classic Hot Wheels Orange with probably other alternate colors. Finishing the missions can provide you with amazing rewards like coins or upgrade materials or even unlockables like a new track or materials for your basement to make it even better. 

The driving has simple controls and each car has its unique abilities and speeds. New cars can be earned as rewards for exploring the City Rumble side path or through blind boxes or limited deals in shops.

Each car might have its own limitations but working on them and upgrading them can make it better. Another great feature is that the player can build their own tracks with a huge number of options to choose from the shapes of the track. The players can also share their own built track and the other players can download it but the tools for that are not so great.

However, if you live for racing and tracks, then Hot Wheels should definitely be your quick pick. 

  1. Injustice2 
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This is a call for all the DC Universe fans. Injustice2 provides you with an experience you never had. The successor of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2 continues the storyline featuring some of the best DC heroes. The graphics are stunning and yeah… It is Batman Vs Superman. Superman has taken over the world to ensure order and punish or should we say, execute the evil and is opposed by a revolt led by 

Batman. Batman with his allies is trying to put society back to track but also needs to go against Superman who is a threat right now. The game lets the player customize the look or alter the abilities and stats of their fighters. 

Injustice 2 features a story mode for those who enjoy the Batman Superman Wonderwoman storyline but those who are all in for the play can finish the unique challenges or collect the raids while matchmaking with other online players.

This super-powered sequel also features a massive selection of great DC supervillains and the players can personalize these iconic DC characters. The classic heroes include Batman, Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Aquaman, and Wonderwoman, and some new villains like Atrocitus, Deadshot, and Gorilla Grodd. 

  1. Superhot 
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Superhot is an exceptional first-person shooter game you might have played in recent years. Because you, control the time. The time moves only when you do. There are no conveniently or secretly placed weapons or ammunition, you are outnumbered, without any arms. You must grab the weapons of the fallen enemies to shoot or cut. The slow-motion shooting is great satisfaction and the added locomotion gives it uniqueness. 

This amazing VR game with stellar and exciting features ranks it as the best. The game in VR might give you motion sickness but the fun is worth it. Enjoy this unique game and beware because this is SUPERHOT.

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Wrap Up 

PlayStation Plus members are always rewarded with great games and the games lined up for October 2022 are no less. These amazing three games introduced this month satisfy your needs for thrill, pace, adventure, and a lot of action.

The PS Plus members are in for a treat with great racing adventure in Hot Wheels, The DC heads who are still guessing who is stronger? Batman or Superman and the introduction of new supervillains from the popular comic universe and those who were looking for unique gameplay and experience. These excellent games will make your October even better so do check these out. 

Playstation Plus Games For October 2022 – FAQs

What happens to PS Plus Games after the month? 

It’s all about your subscription. The longer you are subscribed, the longer will be your access to the game. However, if you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to any downloaded content. 

Do you keep PS Plus games when it expires?

Once your subscription ends, the previously downloaded content ends with it. However, you can still keep PS Plus discount purchases, packs, and avatars.

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