How To Pick Up Weapons In Cs Go

In the competitive world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one’s sobriety may mean the difference between victory and defeat. And even though you begin every round with just a simple pistol, at least partial of the strategy is getting a better weapon from those who had fallen or weapons scattered on the map. Here’s how to properly pick up weapons in CS:GO:

Picking Up From Ground

It is mostly from the enemies or the mates that have been shot dead. They drop the weapons. When a contestant dies, their gun and other gear fall the ground. undefined

It is important to have space in your pack by leaving any grenades or equipment you are not going to use.

Look down and the text “Pick Up” should appear at your weapon.

Push “Use” on your keyboard (default is “E”) with your crosshair over the weapon.

The new weapon will be used to upgrade your present weapon.

There is only one possible choice as main weapon (rifle, SMG, etc) and one other choice as a secondary weapon (pistol) that can be equipped simultaneously.

Picking Up From Teammates

You can also help yourself with cutting-edge weapons which you can pick up from the enemies that drop them for you.Follow these steps:

Make reasonably sure that you are quite close to you teammate who is holding the weapon that you want.Around 5-10 feet away.

When you are aiming, press your “Use” key, so your teammate can grab the gun from you.

In that case, drop the gun for you to retrieve the weapon using the same procedure discussed.

Teammates will frequently mistake others who are already in the game and are likely to survive and have better guns. Kindly make sure to take the gun back before the other opponents can see you!

Other Tips

You are unable to pick up grenades or C4 from others, either living or dead.These are personal equipment.

In addition, no weapon left by any teammates or dropped by an enemy can be seen or picked up.

Unlike the guns that are of lower quality like AWPs or Autosnipers which can’t be dropped or shared.

Swapping out for bigger firepower is crucial in CS: GO. Become handy in fast switching between weapons so you can deal with enemies easily in the following firefight.

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