How To Play Cricket – Rules of Sport

Rules of Sport Cricket: A game with a bat and a balll. Two teams consisting of eleven players play on a 20 m x 22 yd field. Each end of the field has a wicket with three stumps and two bails . Can play cricket in a variety of ways such as test matches and Twenty20. ODIs are longer than 50 runs per day. However, in Twenty20 each team has only 20 overs to score as many runs. We will look at the different rules set up for different parts of cricket sports.


The cricket field is oval. The field, the infield, and the outfield make up the three main parts of the pitch. The field is a square piece of land 22 yards long and 10 feet wide. During a professional game, rolled clay lets the field change naturally because of things like the weather. There are three lines at the end of the field, made up of simple boxes.

There are bowling, popping, and returning creases on these lines. The bowling creases are at the end of the pitch and are on the same level as the stumps. The popping creases are four feet in front of the bowling creases and are marked so that bowlers know how far they can go when they throw the ball. It also shows where a bat person must put their bat or body to avoid being run out. The size of the infield and the outfield depends on the field and the level of play.

The rope is used to mark the infield and the edge that marks the end of the outfield. Depending on the standard, different rules apply to the infield and the rim.

Format and Length of the Game

During a cricket game, each team has 11 people on it. All 11 players will be available when the team is on the field. The players on the field can play more than one position. The batting team can have two bat people on the field at the same time. In any game of cricket, the official clock is not allowed. Instead, the length of a game is measured by the number of deliveries, overs, and innings. When a bowler throws the ball in the right way to a bat person, this is called the delivery. Six deliveries make up an over.


 In ODI and 20/20 cricket, each team gets to bat for a certain number of overs. This is called an “inning.” In an ODI, each team gets to bowl for 50 overs. In 20/20, each team has 20 overs to bowl, just like the name says. Each team gets two turns to bat in a test game. These can stay for a few days in similar situations if the team can bat for a long time because the rule says they must bowl at least 90 overs each day of a test match. If less than 90 overs are bowled, the umpire can give an extra 30 minutes at the end of the day to finish the overs. The only time limit that isn’t enforced is when the game is put off, mostly because of the weather. There are breaks in play during ODIs, and in 20/20 matches, to switch from one innings: ( click to know more about innings) and you must take two steps every day. This splits the game into three parts of two hours each. At the end of each inning, the test match also stops.


It would help if you had a ball, bat, jumper, long pants, jockstrap, cricket cap, glove, helmet, leg pads, and knee pads to play cricket.

The ball in men’s cricket is made of cork strips and tightly wound string. The ball’s weight in women’s cricket is less than that of men’s cricket. The bat is made of wood because aluminum bats are not allowed at the professional level.

When playing ODLs or 20/20 cricket, players at the test level usually wear white jumpers and pants. Both types of clothing make it easy for players to stand on the field for a long time. The jockstrap protects a player’s private area.

The caps are useful because they keep the sun out of the fielder’s eyes when trying to catch the ball. When the batter or fielder is close to the field, they wear helmets to protect their heads from being hit by the ball.

Leg pads are a piece of safety gear that bat people use to protect themselves. They protect the knees and shins from getting hit by the ball. The batters and wicket keepers wear gloves. People who live in bats wear them to protect their bones. Wicket Keepers wear gloves with webs between their fingers and thumbs to make it easy to catch balls hit by batters.


 Lastly, cricket is a sport with two teams of 11 players each. During the match, there is no clock, and the length of the game depends on how many overs are available. A cricket game can last anywhere from three hours to five days, depending on the game. The beauty of all this is that you can get a chance to win cash when you place a bet on India’s best sports betting website, Parimatch. It has the best odds in cricket games and a seamless wager process. Try it today!

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