How To Play Pokemon TCG?

Would you like to switch to the Pokemon Trading Card Games after playing a lot of video games in this genre? We think you should definitely try that because you are surely going to love it. But, are you aware of how to play Pokemon TCG? If not, we are more than happy to let you know all the rules for this game. 

Card games are always fun when played with the right friends, however, it is necessary for all the players to abide by the rules so that there are no conflicts faced during the game. The same goes for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. 

To play Pokemon TCG, you need to have a complete deck of cards that is well-shuffled. Next, you have to choose the first turn via coin flip. You have to spare seven cards out of which you pick one Basic Pokemon card. Then choose your Active Pokemon and prize cards. You pick a prize card every time you knock out your opponent. Once your prize cards are finished, you win. 

If you want to know in detail the entire gameplay of Pokemon TCG, then just continue to read this answer and grasp all the necessary details in a few minutes. 

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How To Play Pokemon TCG?

To be able to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game, you should first have a deck of Pokemon cards, the ideal number of cards in the deck is 60. Make sure you and your friend have an equal number of cards before playing. 

To make your card deck well-balanced, it should contain 1/4th or 1/3rd of energy cards. 

Next, you have to decide which of the players will take the first turn, for which you can just simply flip a coin. 

Then, the player has to draw 7 cards from the top of their deck and place them aside while keeping them face down. 

After this, out of the 7 cards, you have to look for a Basic Pokemon (represented by “BASIC” written in the box at the top). You will need to shuffle the cards again to get new 7 cards if there isn’t any Basic card among them. 

However, this condition is referred to as Mulligan and with every Mulligan, your opponent gets to draw an extra card. 

Next, once you have at least one basic Pokemon with yourself, you have to put it facing down to use it for an attack. You have to place it in the playing area, that is, in the middle of the table. 

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You have to pick an active Pokemon after that, and if you had more basic pokemon cards, put them beneath your active Pokemon. But, remember, you cannot put more than five Pokemon cards at a time. 

Then, you have to draw six prize cards from your remaining deck and place them in a pile while face-down. Every time you have knocked out a Pokemon of your opponent, you can take a prize card and once you run out of the prize cards, you become the winner. 

Then you have to place your remaining cards to your right side and keep your benched and active Pokemon cards faced up. 

Now, keep playing in the same manner unless one of you becomes the winner. The winner gets to take all their prize cards. 

At the beginning of the game you just have to draw a card and bench a basic Pokemon if you have one. With every turn, you can attack at most one energy card. To do this, you have to place the energy card beneath your Pokemon card. 

You can also use your Trainer cards whose effects are mentioned in their description. Some of these cards are Items, Tools, Supporters, and Stadiums. 

If you are also having any evolution cards for any of your active Pokemon or for any Pokemon on your bench, you can use them to evolve your Pokemon. However, remember that you are not allowed to evolve your Pokemon on your first turn or the card’s first turn. 

You can use your Pokemons’ abilities, retreat your Pokemon, or attack your opponent’s Pokemon as and when required. 

If you are planning to attack your opponent, you need to assure that the amount of energy required for that attack is available to you. 

Never ever forget to notice the weakness of your opponent as per which you can make the strategy for your attacks. Also, check the resistance capacity of the defending Pokemon against you. Once you knock out a Pokemon of your opponent, the card will be discarded and you can place it on the pile of the owner’s discarded Pokemon cards. 

Wrap Up

With this much information, we think that you will easily be able to play Pokemon TCG with your friends. But you should obviously have a good knowledge of all the Pokemon you have in your cards. It will be easier for you to recognize that if you have played any other Pokemon games before. If there is still anything regarding this card game that you want to know, tell us in the comments. 

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