How To Play Split Screen Zombies Vanguard 2022

In a such hectic life, a lot of people consider these COD Zombie games as their mind reliever. Because these Zombie games are very thrilling. Isn’t it the same go for Zombies Vanguard? In the Zombie Mode In Vanguard- Fans would most likely want to know How To Play Split Screen Zombies Vanguard, do you too?

Well!! Here comes a piece of bad news. Vanguard Zombie Split-Screen mode is not available right now. With this fact that the Zombies mode appears ideal for Split-Screen. COD Vanguard does not offer a split-screen couch co-op for Zombies. What’s next?

The next is that complete functionality of split-screen is available for the Vanguard co-op multiplayer campaign. You have to set up your own multiplayer split-screen in it. How? Read this full guide to know that.

How To Play Split Screen Zombies Vanguard?

In spite of this that its mode was designed with collaboration and cooperative play in mind. It is disappointing to find that you won’t be able to sit in your room with friends and play Zombies Vanguard in front of a big screen for the second year in a row.

There is a multiplayer available for the COD Vanguard split-screen, however, if there are no Zombies.

Vanguard Multiplayer Split-Screen

It’s a different story for multiplayer, as COD Vanguard split-screen multiplayer is playable both locally and online. You cannot utilize one online account and a guest account if you wish to play online; you must have two online accounts to log in. The Spilt-Screen is only available for team games; free-for-all formats are not supported.

How To Fix Split-Screen In COD Vanguard?

While playing multiplayer in Vanguard, in case you want to play with your friend in split-screen mode, then you have to do the following-

Local Multiplayer

  • Log in to any online-enabled or offline account to play COD Vanguard.
  • Press Y in the “Multiplayer” menu on an Xbox or Playstation to establish a local game
  • Press A or X to enter the game after signing in to a different account on a different controller, whether one that supports online play or not.
  • The person who starts the game should be able to select any map or mode they want, as well as add as many bots as they like. In a local game, both players have access to every weapon and attachment and are free to use any of them. 

Online Multiplayer

  • Access COD Vanguard by logging in with a web-enabled account.
  • Log in with a different internet account on a different controller. Both accounts must have Xbox Live Gold or PS+.
  • To access the “Multiplayer” option’s lobby, the second account must hit A or X
  • Now, the person who creates the lobby has the option to play matchmaker.


So, if you wanted to know How To Play Split Screen Zombies Vanguard, for now, Vanguard does not support Split-Screen for Zombies. The possibility of this option being introduced at a later time is not sure. But there comes the good news that the COD Vanguard Zombies split-screen feature is still developed. So, the fans of COD Vanguard Zombies split-screen may not have to wait too long to play this mode. Well!! Right now, we don’t know how long will it take for this feature to be included in this game. But it will be included soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On what platforms split-screen feature is available in multiplayer Vanguard?

Only the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S support Split-Screen. On a PC, you cannot use this function.

What does Vanguard Zombies want to achieve?

In order for the Aether Orb (a floating zombie head) to go towards the goal in the Vanguard Zombies Transmit objective, you must stay near to it. To move, you must be a few meters away from the head, so keep your distance.

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