How To Renew Spotify Premium 2022

Oh no! Are you suddenly unable to download music on Spotify, and have the ads started playing within your songs even though you had subscribed to Spotify Premium? This definitely means that your Premium plan has expired and you really need to know how to renew Spotify Premium. 

To renew your Spotify Premium subscription, you need to log in to your Spotify account and go to the Menu to enter your Account tab. There you will see the Subscriptions option under which your current expired plan will be mentioned. You can tap on the Renew button from there and make the required payment. 

Spotify is the stop for all the people who love to listen to music. There is a range of every music genre available for Spotify users, that’s why you will find this app on almost every person’s phone. Spotify also comes with some monthly subscription plans from which a user can select the most suitable one. Since the subscription lasts a month, it has to be renewed. 

If you also want your Spotify Premium to be renewed so you can keep enjoying its services, then keep reading to know in detail.

Does Spotify Notify When The Premium Plan Is Expired?

No, Spotify will not notify you itself that your Premium plan on the account has expired. You will need to keep a check on that yourself. 

You will get to know that your subscription has expired when you will no longer be able to use the services it provided you with. 

Otherwise, you can also head to the Subscriptions section on your Spotify account and check there if your current Spotify Premium subscription is still going on or has already expired. 

How To Renew Spotify Premium?

Below are mentioned the steps that you will need to follow if you wish to renew your Spotify’s Premium plan, whether it is an Individual, Duo, Family, or Student plan. 

1. Open the Spotify application on your device. 

2. At the top left corner of your screen, tap on the Menu icon. 

3. From here, go to the “Your Account” tab. 

4. Select the “Subscriptions” option, there you will see your current subscription’s status. 

5. If your Premium subscription has expired, you will see the Renew button next to it. 

3. There tap on the Renew button to restart your Premium service on Spotify. 

4. Follow the instruction mentioned to make the payment and complete the entire process of renewal. 

As you enter the right card details and pay for the subscription renewal, your Spotify Premium plan will be renewed immediately.  

How To Renew Spotify Premium With Gift Card?

If you have got a gift card for Spotify, you can use it only and only to renew your Premium Individual Plans. These gift cards will not work for any other categories of premium subscription, that is, Student, duo, or Family. 

Here are the steps you will require to follow if you want to renew your Spotify Premium subscription through a gift card you have. 

1. Scratch the back side of your gift card to reveal the unique PIN over there. 

2. Log in to the website. 

3. Now, enter that PIN, or else, you can also enter the code provided in your receipt. 

4. Now, just click on the Redeem button over there. 

In this manner, your Spotify Premium subscription will be renewed without much hassle. Remember that a Spotify Premium gift card is valid only up to twelve months after its purchase, so make sure that you use it before its expiry. 

How To Cancel Spotify Premium?

If you think that you no longer need the Premium plan on Spotify then you can cancel it anytime. For that, you just have to visit the official website of Spotify and log in to your account with the Premium plan. Now go to the plan you have subscribed to and click on the “Change Plan” option. 

Scroll through and in the list of options, there will also be the option of “Cancel Premium”. Click on it and your Spotify Premium will be canceled. 

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Wrap Up

We are sure that you will now not have any confusion regarding how to renew Spotify Premium. So, from now onwards, you can renew your Premium plan on Spotify as soon as it expires and keep enjoying the features under it.

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