How To Reset Pokemon Sun?

Soft Reset is a good decision for the Pokemon Sun and Moon players as it is quite useful if you are looking for Shiny Pokemon in the game. However, do you know how to reset Pokemon Sun? If not, we know the trick and are happy to let you know as well. 

Pokemon Sun and Moon is just another edition of Pokemon-based video games that you will find to play. The difference here is that Pokemon Sun is set in the daytime while Pokemon Moon has a 12 hours difference where it is the nighttime throughout the game. There are certain times when we feel the need of restarting or resetting a game to get a better gaming experience, but this can be done only if we know the process. 

To reset Pokemon Sun, first, you must save the Pokemon game you are currently playing and then just press the “L, R, and SELECT” buttons altogether on your controller and this will soft reset your game and take you to the main menu of Pokemon Sun where you can again jump back to the game you had saved. 

Keep reading if you want to know in detail about how to reset Pokemon Sun and what are the advantages of performing this action. 

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How To Reset Pokemon Sun?

Only a few people are aware of the soft reset feature that is available in Pokemon Games. To use this feature, the players need to press and hold specific console buttons altogether. 

If you are planning to get some Shiny Starters or Good Nature Legendary Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sun, then it is best to soft reset your game. 

Here is what you need to do in order to soft reset Pokemon Sun. 

1. Firstly, make sure that you have saved the progress of your Pokemon game that you are currently playing so that the data doesn’t get deleted after the reset. 

2. Next, you just have to press three buttons “L, R, and SELECT” simultaneously and as soon as you do this, your game will soft reset and you will be brought back to the main menu of Pokemon Sun. 

You can again go back to the ongoing game that you had saved and continue playing. 

In this manner, none of the current progress in your game will be lost and you will be able to continue your game exactly from where you had left.

And once you have given a soft reset to your Pokemon Sun, this will highly increase your chances of obtaining a shiny Pokemon within the game. 

Here is another tip for you if you want this. If you wish to increase your possibilities of getting a shiny Pokemon to a much greater extent in Pokemon Sun, you will require to perform at least 1893 soft resets in the game. 

You can easily perform 3 soft resets within a minute, so, as per our calculation, within 10-11 hours, you will be able to soft reset your game for the required number of times after which you will be able to lay your hands on a shiny starter Pokemon. 

If you are really desperate to get a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sun, then we think you won’t be troubled with this much time and effort that you need to put in for this. 

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How To Restart A Game In Pokemon Sun?

If you are new to Pokemon Sun and don’t know how to start a new game over there, then don’t worry, the process is quite simple. 

First, you need to launch the game Pokemon Sun (the process is the same for Pokemon Moon as well). 

Next, you need to press three buttons simultaneously “X, B, and UP” on your D-Pad as soon as the legendary Pokemon intro cutscene pops up on your screen. 

On the Pop-up text that will appear on your screen, you will need to select the Yes option twice. Once you have confirmed to erase all the data you had saved, that’s it, you will have your new game started. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you will not find any difficulty in restarting or resetting your game Pokemon Sun. Remember that the process is exactly the same for nearly all the Pokemon Games, however, if you still get troubled with any, you can tell us in the comments so that we can come up with another guide on the same. 

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