How To Stream NFL Games In 2022?

Are you also excited about the upcoming National Football League this October? Then it is important for you to be aware of the platforms where you can watch that as well as how to stream NFL games beforehand so that you do not miss any of them when the time arrives. 

There are several streaming services available out there for people who love to watch various shows online, you can not only have access to movies and web series but also to live shows and matches through these services, and in the coming days, there is going to be a great craze for the NFL games. 

To stream NFL games on your device, you need to have a subscription to an appropriate streaming platform where you can watch the league. Some of such platforms include Amazon Prime, ESPN, Peacock, DIRECTV, Paramount+, and many more, you must continue to read for more detail. 

If want to gain full-fledged information about the streaming service of NFL Games then this is the most suitable place for you to read through. 

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How To Stream NFL Games?

Just like you stream your favorite movies and web series on Netflix and similar platforms, in the same manner, there are several platforms that have been streaming NFL Games. 

As for 2022, all the NFL games will be airing on Fox, NBC, and CBS, but how to stream these channels? 

Well, for this, you need to get subscribed to the right streaming service so that you can have access to these channels and watch all the games. 

Let us check out all the streaming services where you can watch NFL Games easily at home with full comfort and convenience. 

1. DirecTV Stream

You can stream all your out-of-market NFL games on this platform with a subscription of $70 for the first two months. Although the subscription is a bit costly in comparison to other streaming services, this platform provides you with all the networks that are essential for the entire NFL Season of 2022, which means that it will include Fox, NBC, as well as CBS at $70 per month. 

However, if you also wish to include ESPN and other local sports networks, you will need to subscribe to the $90 per month pack. 

If you subscribe before October 4, 2022, you will only have to pay $20 for the first two months no matter which package you opt for. 

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2. Peacock

On this platform, the current price is $1.99 for a month at which you can stream all your NBC football games. The previous amount for this subscription was $4.99 per month, so grab this deal as long as you can. 

3. Walmart+ And Paramount +

With the Walmart + and Paramount + bundle, you will just need to pay an amount of $12.95 for a month, or you can also take a yearly subscription for just $98 and enjoy streaming CBS Football the entire year. 

Don’t be confused, all Walmart+ subscribers automatically get access to Paramount + in their subscription without any additional charges. 

4. Hulu + Live TV

This is another option to choose for streaming NFL games, Hulu + Live TV where you will need to purchase a monthly subscription for $70 which will include all the platforms that have been streaming the NFL 2022 games except for the “Thursday Night Football” that requires an Amazon Prime Video subscription. 

If you purchase the subscription from Hulu before October 10, 2022, you will only have to pay $20 per month for the first three months of your subscription which is a great deal, so do not miss it or you will regret it. 

5. NFL +

You can also take an NFL + subscription which will cost you only $5 for a month and just $30 for the whole year.

Wrap Up

We hope that now you will easily be able to stream NFL games that you are really excited to watch. Just hit the subscribe button, make your payment on whichever platform is available in your region as well as comes in handy in your budget, and enjoy your evenings with your friends or family.

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