Is Steep Split Screen?

Steep is an internet-based sport video game created by Ubisoft. It is accessible on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation Network (PSN). The release date on the title was scheduled for December 2016 , across the globe, along with the option of local subtitles.

It’s a multiplayer extreme sport video game created by Ubisoft in conjunction with Ubisoft. The game is set in the Alps where players are able to ski or snowboard, put on wings and paraglide over valleys and mountains.

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Steep Split Screen

Split screen play lets up to 4 players play simultaneously on one screen simultaneously. It is available on consoles—split screen local multiplayer, as well as online multiplayer.

Does steep have two players?

The online multiplayer game lets players square up against three other players on various challenges throughout the Alps. To play in a competition, go to the World Map screen and choose Start Multiplayer to join an online matchmaking room. If the lobby is joined by a group you will see a challenge playlist selected randomly.

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Is Steep Cross-Platform Xbox One and PC?

There’s no cross-platform support available on Xbox One and PC for playing Steep. Due to this, if one is a user of the Xbox One, then they aren’t able to join with others on PC. This is because of Steep being an in-built open-platform game.

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