World Of Tanks vs War Thunder 2022 – Which Is Better?

In the world of action games, World Of Tanks and War Thunder are the two that have long since established their positions in the hearts of gamers. However, there is still a conflict when deciding which among the two surpasses the other, right? So, do you also want to know who wins the battle of World Of Tanks vs War Thunder? 

World Of Tanks vs War Thunder: Undoubtedly War Thunder is placed above World Of Tanks because it is all about action and the former definitely is tougher when it comes to gameplay. Of course, World of Tanks is also no competition to other games when we talk about skill-based fights. There are a lot more factors that come in the way while choosing which is a better game which we shall discuss in detail here. 

War Thunder and World of Tanks, both have been two great action combat games one being vehicular combat while the other being a shooter game respectively. World of Tanks came out in the year 2010 while War Thunder was released in 2012, but each of them gave tough competition to the other as both the games belonged to the action genre. 

World Of Tanks Vs War Thunder

There are some important factors that need to be considered while deciding which among these two games is better in comparison. Let us discuss all the distinctions so that you can understand why we preferred War Thunder over World of Tanks. 

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World Of Tanks vs War Thunder Tanks Grind

It is hard to tell you that although the gameplay of War Thunder is incomparable to World of Tanks, in the case of grind, World of Tanks is no match. The grind of this one is far more easier and one would definitely enjoy it. 

Type Of Vehicles Used

World Of Tanks vs War Thunder - Types of vehicles used

It is clear that the game War Thunder is a flight simulator game which means that there will be the use of planes here, whereas, as the name suggests, World Of Tanks consists of Tanks that the players would be operating in here. 

And you must know that in the later patch of War Thunder, even tanks were also included. So, War Thunder will get you the experience of Planes as well as Tanks, while World of Tanks is solely based on Tanks only. 

However, this fact cannot be denied that there is a wide variety of tanks the players can choose from, each unique from the other. 

Which One Is More Realistic?

As we play both the games, we will realize that War Thunder is quite a simulation game that depicts realism throughout the game, while World Of Tanks is merely an arcade shooter game. 

This is a very important distinction between the two games. It is obvious that a player would definitely prefer to play a game that would give them near to real-life experience. 

World Of Tanks Vs War Thunder Graphics

We should tell you that this is a factor where probably World of Tanks is winning more points. In the beginning, War Thunder was believed to have outstanding graphics. 

But as we compare the two now, it is clearly evident that the visual style of World of Tanks is far better with the graphics used in it. 

Maps Included In The Games

World Of Tanks vs War Thunder - Maps included in the games

Since World of Tanks is a game entirely based on Tanks, the maps used in the game are not that large. Everything in this game will be met a little distance away, so there is not much to explore here. 

On the other side, in War Thunder, one can also use Planes, which means there would definitely be larger distances to explore and travel through, and thus, the maps in this game are also spread over a vast area. 

So, there will be more diversity in War Thunder when it comes to exploring different locations. 

The Way Games Progress

We must say that World Of Tanks is a game that has a comparatively slow progression. 

Since it is entirely a skill-based video game, you will have to improve your gameplay unless you are a match for the experienced players competing against you or you will not be able to advance further and will keep being trampled by the skilled players over and over. 

However, if we talk about War Thunder, there is no such thing, the game is purely an action game so it will not require much of your time into building your skills and you can just start finishing off your enemies as soon as you enter the game. 

Now, in case of this difference between the two games, it is totally up to the players which type of progression they find better. 

Some people might prefer moving further gradually while improving their skills while others would just start bombarding and advancing further right from the beginning. 

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Wrap Up

In the end, in the fight of World Of Tanks Vs War Thunder, you are the one to decide which one wins. If you think a full-action simulator game is better than a slow-paced arcade shooter game, then go with our conclusion which makes War Thunder the best.

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