How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is Rare?

Do you have a really good collection of Pokemon Cards? But if all of them are just ordinary ones, then there is no fun, right? If you are a true Pokemon fan, you must have some exceptional cards with you, however, do you know how to tell if a Pokemon Card is rare?

Many people like to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game which is also based on the Pokemon Franchise. These cards are required to power up your Pokemon. While there are some basic energy cards that you will find in all the card packs, there are some special energy cards that are quite rare to get. 

To tell if a Pokemon card is rare, you need to check the symbol at the bottom right of your card, star and Star H means that you have a rare card. You can also check your card’s collector number and if it is higher than the total number of cards in your pack, then again you have got a rare one. 

There are many more signs that you need to consider in your Pokemon Card to find out its rarity, so keep reading if you wish to know it all. 

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How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is Rare?

Many players have different Pokemon Cards with them but they still are not aware of how to check if it is the rare one or just a common card. Don’t worry, from now onwards, you will easily be able to identify your Pokemon card as to whether it is rare or common. 

The first thing you need to check for this is the card rarity that every Pokemon Card has. If you look at the bottom right corner of your Pokemon card, you will find a symbol over there. It can be a circle, a star, a diamond, or something else. 

If the symbol on your card is a circle, it means that your card is just a common one, easily available to everyone else. 

If it is a diamond, this means that the card you have is quite uncommon, although not that hard to find, not everyone would be having this card. 

Next is the Star. A star means that the card is much rarer than the others. And if it is a Star H or three stars, this resembles that the card you have is an extra rare, special one which very few people have with them. So, if you have any such card, it means that you are one of those lucky people. 

If you find any other symbol on your card apart from the ones mentioned here, it means that the card has been sold as a part of a special product and is not a part of any booster pack. These cards can cost maybe just a few cents or even more than $100 which depends upon which product they were a part of. 

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Apart from the symbol, you can also check the collector number of your card which is at the extreme right bottom of your card. 

If your card’s collector number is more than the total number of cards printed in that particular set, like “109/105”, it means that you have got a secret rare card that can be priced anywhere between a few dollars and a hundred dollars. 

If your card’s collector number begins with the letter “SH” it means that this is a reverse holographic card. Such cards are of the Shining Pokemon type and are also rare in comparison to the regular ones. 

You can also identify these holographic cards by the shiny foil layer on the Pokemon artwork. However, if the card is entirely shiny, that is a Reverse Holographic card. Moreover, there are some exceptional cards that are holographic only on the border and these are the ones that count as special and quite valuable.

Furthermore, if your card has a stylized 4, C, FB, M, G, or GL following the Pokemon name, it means that it is one of the extra-rare cards in the collection. The names following with “EX”, a star, LV.X, BREAK, or LEGEND are also very valuable ones. 

Wrap Up

In this manner, you can easily find out if the Pokemon Card you have is a rare one or not. If there is still something different in your card and you can’t understand its significance, you can share it with us via the comments section so that we can let you know if it is a rare Pokemon card or not.

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