Is guilty gear strive crossplay?

Guilty Gear is a series of fighting games created by Arc System Works, designed and developed by the artist Daisuke Ishiwatari. The game’s first release was in 1998 and has been followed by several sequels. The game has also been adapted for other forms of media like Manga and Drama CD.

Guilty crossplay with Gear Strive was announced officially during the livestream of ARCEVO 2021. The feature will be released in 2022 in Season 2 and will allow cross-platform game play with PS5, PS4, and Steam versions of the game.

Guilty Gear Strive Crossplay in 2022

In an interview recently by Comunidad arc system works, the company’s developer confirmed that the crossplay between consoles and PCs is currently in the “verification process”, though the team acknowledges that specific issues need to be resolved prior to implementation like the schedules and cost of servers. This is why there’s no date when crossplay will become available.

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Playing crossplay on PlayStation platforms is already in place within Guilty Gear Strive, however Arc Sys has yet to invite PC gamers to join the fun.

However, the fact that the feature’s launch is near is excellent news to Guilty Gear players. The popularity of fighting games is due to their small player base, and the fact that players of Strive are soon able to play across platforms will mean an increased number of players and that’s not even including the fact that players from different systems are soon able to play.

Guilty Gear Strive enjoyed a massive release on Steam with more than 31,000 concurrent players. Its own Dorrani Williams believes it offers the most detailed instruction of every fighting game. So don’t worry even if you’re new to the Guilty Gear or fighting games.

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Will Guilty Gear strive be on Xbox?

However, the situation is not favorable for the game to move into the Xbox platform. The past few years, Arc System Works has only released two Guilty Gear games for the Xbox platform, the latter Guilty Gear 2 being Guilty Gear 2, and Guilty Gear Isuka.

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