Pokemon Go What To Name Eevee – 8 Different Eeveelution Names

Do you know that an Eevee is a Pokemon that can be evolved into eight different versions? Moreover, to decide which form you want, you can use the nickname trick on this Pokemon. Isn’t this quite interesting? A lot of players are still unaware of what to name Eevee in Pokemon Go to get the form they need, but this article will entirely help you out with this confusion. 

The Eevee can be given any of the 8 different nicknames depending upon which evolutionary form the players want to have in Pokemon Go. These eight names include Rainer, Sparky, Pyro, Tamao, Sakura, Rea, Linnea, and Kira. Now you must be wondering which name is for which Pokemon. But, don’t worry you will also find that out soon. 

In the entire Pokemon range of the game Pokemon Go, Eevee is the only one that can be evolved into eight different forms all of which are quite useful. The Pokemon in which Eevee can be evolved depends upon the time of evolution, the type of stones used, and the level of friendship with Eevee. 

If you are perplexed with the thought of what name to give to your Eevee to make the right evolution as you want, then your all doubts will be cleared in a single reading of this page. 

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In Pokemon Go What To Name Eevee?

There are eight different evolutionary versions of Eevee in Pokemon Go, namely Sylveon, Espeon, Glaceon, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Umbreon, and Vaporeon. 

Now the thing is that players usually want a particular type of evolution as per their need but they are completely uncertain about which form their Eevee would take after the evolution process takes place because no matter how hard you try to meet the requirements, you can’t control this transformation by simply deciding the level of friendship with Eevee and the time when you perform the evolution. 

The only way in which you can easily confirm that your Eevee Pokemon will take the form of the Pokemon that you exactly want is by using the nickname trick. In this trick, all you need to do is change the name of Eevee right before performing the evolution. 

Every evolutionary form of Eevee is assigned a unique nickname for Eeveelution. So, if you know the nicknames, it will not be a big deal for you to get the evolved Pokemon you desire. 

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Here is a list of all the nicknames that you can give to your Eevee before evolution along with the evolved Pokemon that will be obtained using those names respectively have a look:

1. To evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, you will need to give it the nickname “Rainer”.

2. If you want to evolve Eevee into Jolteon, the nickname you need to give is ”Sparky”. 

3. To transform your Eevee into the Flareon Pokemon, you have to give it the nickname “Pyro”.

4. If you wish to evolve your Eevee into the Umbreon Pokemon, just give it the nickname “Tamao”. 

5. Those who want the evolved version of Espeon from Eevee will need to use the nickname “Sakura”. 

6. Those willing to get a Glaceon from the Eevee transformation has to name it “Rea”.

7. As for the players wishing to obtain a Leafeon from Eevee’s evolution, all they need to do is name their Eevee “Linnea.

8. Finally, whoever wants to get a Sylveon Pokemon from Eevee has to change their respective Eevee’s name to “Kira”. 

Once you decide which Eevee’s form you want in exchange for the evolution, you have to collect enough Eevee candies and then click on the Pencil icon present next to Eevee’s name. There you can edit its name to whatever you have chosen from the above list and then follow the evolution process. 

Wrap Up

This is how you can easily evolve your Eevee without stressing over the fact that the one you want has only 1 in 8 chances of getting it every time. Through this Eevee name trick, you will be confirmed regarding which form of Eevee will be obtained once the evolution has taken place. Share this with your friends who also have an Eevee but are worried that it won’t evolve into what they desire.

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