College Football Video Game 2023

It has been a long since 2014 that the NCAA Football game fans are waiting for the new edition to be released. Is the wait going to be over soon? Rumors say that we shall soon witness the College Football Video Game 2023, and we are here to clear the doubts. 

As per the document leaked by Matt Brown of Extra Points, there has been a proposed agreement of four years, that is, from 2023 to 2027. Thus, we can expect the release of the new edition of the NCAA football video game in July 2023.  

The first NCAA football game was released in 1993 and people have loved playing it since then. However, in 2014, the franchise released the last college football game and no new version of the game was seen after then. Fans have been waiting for the new edition for so long, and it looks like their wish is about to come true. 

If you want to know everything about College Football Video Game 2023, then here is the complete capsule on that, just go ahead and read it through. 

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What To Expect In College Football Video Game 2023?

Due to a legal dispute,  NCAA had canceled the renewal of its contract with EA Sports and thus the NCAA football game fans had to suffer. 

But finally, it has been found that NCAA is again signing a four-year agreement with EA Sports, which means that by 2023, we shall have access to the newest version of College Football Video Game. 

Even though there isn’t any official announcement regarding the release of the new edition of the game, the leaked document says it all and we can trust that. 

The development of the game had reportedly started already in the year 2021, however, the process takes some time which is why there will be another two years for the game to release for all. 

The existing editions of the NCAA college football video game are playable on a PS3, Xbox 360, and the latest version of Madden. As for the upcoming one, we can expect that the latest consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S will also support it. 

Now the thing is, what can the players expect in the College Football Video Game 2023? 

As per the leaked resources, the gameday environment of the latest editions would be somewhat unique having the stadium assets including the crowd chants and cheers, and band songs. 

More than about 120 institutions have already signed on for this upcoming video game as per the report, so, each of them is going to have an authentic and interactive gameday environment. 

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Who Will Be The Cover Athlete OF NCAA College Football Video Game 2023?

Ever since people have come to know about the upcoming college football video game in 2023, everyone is wondering who will be the cover athlete this time. Not just fans but several athletes also commented on social media showing their excitement and curiosity about who will be on the cover. 

In fact, the player of 11 seasons for the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots in the NFL also tweeted who he would prefer for the cover athlete’s position. 

As per the resources, it is evident that an endorsement has been received by a former State Star of Florida, by which we mean Warrick. He had been selected overall number 4 in the NFL Draft 2021 by the Bengals. Plus, from 1995 to 1999, he had played for Bobby Bowden, the former head coach, and the Seminoles. 

Florida managed to appear in two consecutive BCS National Championships in 1998 and 1999, all thanks to Warrick. Thus, there are great chances that he will be the one this time to grab the position of the cover athlete of the new NCAA college football video game. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know that in July 2023 you will be able to play the College Football video game’s new edition. A little more wait and then the latest version of your favorite game will be accessible to you. We know that now it has become tougher to show patience and wait, but it is sure that you won’t have to be desperate for much time.

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