Is Valorant Crossplay? You Must Check it Out!

Riot Games has created Valorant, a tactical FPS that is team-based. Since its launch, it has gained more players and console users are also interested in the game. Riot’s free-to-play title is cross play compatible? This guide will explain whether Valorant and cross-play compatibility are possible.

Is Valorant Cross Play?

The short answer is “no”. Valorant doesn’t support cross play. The title does not have a console port and Valorant is currently only available for Windows PC users. You can play it on Macs using Apple OS and third-party software.

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However, there could be cross-play and console ports for Valorant Accounts in future. Esports Talk talked to Anna Donlon, Valorant’s executive producer. She revealed that a beta for consoles is in development; however, they are taking extra steps so it is ready for release.

To ensure that all can enjoy Valorant, the team wants to “nail” it before Valorant launches on consoles. This means that PC and console gamers who want to play the game together with their friends on consoles may have to wait a while.

This is all you need to know regarding cross-play compatibility in Valorant. Although we wish we could offer better information, we will keep this space updated in the event that the game is ever made available for console. 

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If you are able to play Valorant on PC, we have a guide for Agents and Guns to help you make the most of your time.

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