How To Enable CrossPlay In Destiny 2? All You Need To Know

Have you ever thought of playing CrossPlay in Destiny 2? Obviously, if you want to play Destiny 2 with your friends on different platforms then you just need to play it in a CrossPlay mode. Do you know “How To Enable Crossplay In Destiny 2? If not, then here is a full guide on how to enable it.

You need a very deep understanding of its procedure to enable CrossPlay for Destiny 2. Since its steps varied slightly. While enabling its crossplay you get to know some new terms. Don’t get confused. We will give you a full description of it by using this article.

What you must be done in order to enable it for Destiny 2? To know this, Come forward with us.

How To Enable CrossPlay In Destiny 2?

With CrossPlay for Destiny 2, gamers may create fireteams and play with others on any platform that is supported. All players’ access to CrossPlay will be automatically enabled and won’t need to be activated. The main term that can be added with Destiny 2 CrossPlay is their Bungie Names.

Bungie Names In CrossPlay Destiny 2

Players will receive a special Bungie Name when CrossPlay launches to get them ready for Cross-Platform play. This name will be made up of a 4-digit unique numerical identification and the name of the first platform account that players check in with after CrossPlay debuts.

How to activate Bungie Friends for CrossPlay with Destiny 2?

  • For your friend to appear across all platforms, go to the Roster Screen in-game on the same platform they are playing on and request they become a Bungie friend.
  • By using their Bungie name, you can find your friend on the invite screen in-game.

Can CrossPlay Be Turned Off In Destiny 2? If Yes, Then How?

It will be possible for Playstation and Xbox console users to turn off CrossPlay in Destiny 2.

Playstation: The in-game settings menu gives users the choice to turn off CrossPlay in Destiny 2.

Xbox: By changing the Xbox’s console settings, users can turn off CrossPlay by these steps:

  • Go to Settings> General
  • Online Safety & Family
  • Online Safety & Privacy
  • Xbox Security
  • View Particulars and Personalize
  • Communication & Multiplayer
  • Set “You can participate in cross-network play” to “Block”
  • Set “You can use voice and text to interact outside of Xbox” to “Block”

When will Destiny 2 allow you and your friend to play together?

In Destiny 2, you can begin co-op after completing the Red War campaign’s Spark Quest. The first task was the tower attack that was present in the beta. After finishing that, you will continue to roam around aimlessly until you come to Hawthorne. She will take you to the farm, which is the initial gathering place.


So, this is how to enable Crossplay in Destiny 2, and the CrossPlay feature is quite easy to use. To begin, just open the directory, go to the invites area, and enter the Bungie name. Regardless of the gaming platform, your friend is using, you may add them here. In Destiny 2, you can use this method to enable or disable CrossPlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the PS4, how do you add friends in Destiny 2?

In-game, you can friend them by going to the Roster section and clicking Invite. Once you have finished, all you need to do is enter your friend’s Bungie name and send an acceptance request.

Is Voice Chat supported by Destiny 2?

Sadly, it does not right now. In-game voice chat is a feature that is currently not accessible, but Bungie is trying to integrate it soon. But don’t worry! We have Discord, right now.

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