Is Ride 4 Split Screen?

RIDE 4 comes with a dynamic weather system and an all-day/night cycle. Take on racing in a completely new perspective and show you’re the best in every condition. For the first time, you can experience the “Endurance” mode which will put your endurance to the test through animating pit stops and long-lasting races. Get ready to take on an environment where strategy is the most important ingredient to your success.

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Get ready for an exciting and thrilling adventure that interconnects with your choices and lets you pick your preferred route from regional events through professional leagues. Demonstrate your skills as a rider through difficult races, ability tests, track days and many more events. You can even be an official tester for some of the most famous manufacturers.

Rider 4 split screen

The ultimate multiplayer experience! Enjoy the most immersive multi-player experience you’ve experienced. Compete with your friends and fellow riders from across the globe in smooth and fast races due to the strength of our dedicated servers. The unbeatable stability and performance ensure you are in complete charge of your race. However, playing locally on split-screen is not available within Ride 4.

Can you change Ride 4 difficulty?

Riding Aids can be altered to alter the level of difficulty. The most common options are: the Physics Simulation Level; Transmission Automated Brakes, Joint Brakes, ABS Off Track Assistance, Tuck In Ideal Trajectory and Rewind.

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How is RIDE 4 so realistic?

As per GamesRadar+, “it replicates the view you’d get from a camera mounted on the rider’s helmet, and while it’s too shaky and unstable to be used while actively playing, it makes it feel much more like a real video”.

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